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System Recovery 18 SP1 Linux Edition basic questions

Level 5


I have a customer using the trialware version of VSR18 SP1 Linux Edition testing backup and restore under the following configuration: 

   Server: HPE DL360 Gen10

    OS:  RHEL 7.4 Update 4

They have a couple of basic questions which I'd appreciate feedback on.

1. Regarding what is included in the backup

If an NFS share on another server is mounted to this server and

the volume to be backed up includes this mount point, does

this NFS share get included in the backup? 

2. Regarding differences in backup/restore operation due to differences in volume configuration

Is there a big difference between backup and restore operation due to differences in volume configuration (i.e. non-LVM versus LVM)? Other than specifying volumes differently from the command line, I believe there isn't much difference. Btw, I intend to provide this KB

3. Install location

Where is the Linux Edition software installed to? What directories? I know the commands are installed under /usr/sbin but what about other locations? They need to document this in one of their own documents so any information on this would be appreciated.