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I am just curious we are about to upgrade Symantec System Recovery 2011 to System Recovery 2013, and I was curious if the recovery points that we made with 2011 are compatible with 2013? Namely, if I was to do a full restore of my H: drive with System Recovery 2013 and it was made using System Recovery 2011, would it fail because of the differences (if there is any) between the two? Would things such as permissions or other granular recovery items be missing for some reason cause they save differently? I am just getting as prepared as possible for the switch.

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Hi Andrew,   You can restore

Hi Andrew,


You can restore SSR 2011 images using SSR 2013

Also even the granular recovery items should not be missing for some reason cause they save differently.

SSR 2013 is just a improved version of SSR 2011. The design is not changed , the pattern is not changed it's just the color of console has changed but the functionality is the same.

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