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System Recovery 2011(Recovery Disk for 64bit system).


We are using the following:-

1. SRS 2011.

2. SRS Recovery Disk 2011.

3. Windows 2008 R2 (64bit).

Now, We have successfully backed up the disk image to a disk.

We were testing rge restore of the Os in to different System.

The recovery disk was successfully booting but after completing the inatial screen windows gives an error : "can not find windows files" The files is not there or curropted.

The error is some waht this.

I have recovered the OS using SRS 2010 lots of time but thios is not working.

I have found some KB articles below , where it mentioned that the Recovery Disk 2010 is developed PE 2.1 which does not support 64 bit system.




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Hi You may not have backed up


You may not have backed up the hidden partition "System Reserved" which holds the boot files
Suggest him to backup the system reserverd and OS partition (C drive) and redo the restore as per

Hope that helps


Hi, The system contents no


The system contents no "Reserved Partition" mostly its 100MB partition, but I haven't found any such partition.

Now I have tried with SR 2013 for the restoration and it was happaning but its was asking for the NIC card drivers(99% of the completation), where I haven't selected "Prompt for drivers" from the menu accesed by pressing "Alt+Shift" and clicking the " restore to different hardware".

When I am triying to provide the NIC card driver of that system it took 2 hrs and finally I cancelled it.

I have tried to restore the image by ignoring this drivers installation. Its have successfully completed the restoration . When the system boot to HDD its gave the error- "BOOTMGR CAN NOT FOUND. PRESS ATL-CTRL-DEL TO RESTART".

I have tried to repair the system using the OS DVD but its not done. The OS DVD boot but when I clicked the "Repair the System" its was unable to sense the operating System in the HDD.

More over I have tried on my system using the VMware Workstation but same.. It again asked for drivers ( I used to know that VMware NIC drivers were always there as its general NIC card used). But there its result same as mentioned above error while booting.

Any help....


Hi, Can you please confirm if


Can you please confirm if BCD partition exists using Diskmgmt.msc command as its created by default while installation of Windows 2008 R2 OS with default settings?

The bootmgr missing error occurs if it fails to locate the windows boot files in bcd.




Hi, Sorry for late


Sorry for late response.....

I have checked the SR 2011 and found that the "EFI System Reserved Partition" was unable to detect by the SR 2011. But backup was successful for all other drives.

I have tried using SR 2013 and found that its was able to take backup that EFI system reserverd partition.

We have done the backup using the same.

Now, we have used a desktop system (Gigabyte motherboard).

After successful restore it gave the error (restore done one by one firts "System reserverd partition" and then C Drive)-

"windows failes to start . Arecent hardware or Software change might be the cause to fix the problem ...."

So , now what could be problem.....

Any Idea guys.

What is the status code in

What is the status code in the message? Is this same as

Hi, As per the the below


As per the the below link:-

I have tried to do the troublshooting.

As per the KB article we required to edit the "boot" information using the "bcdedit" command.

The command executed with error as "can not find the boot information".

I guess the boot information is not there or this files does not exist.

Any more ideas guys.

Now, I am simulating the same thing in my virtual server.



Hi, Unable to restore using


Unable to restore using the SR 2013 in a EFI based server.

Looking for any compatability issue or not.....




Hi, Please check my reply to


Please check my reply to your another post of ESXi 5.0 support.




Hi, Pravin: I got


Pravin: I got it....

Downloading the updates....


Hi, Done.. I have



I have successfully restored the Win 2008 R2 (EFI enabled BIOS) after upgrading the ESXi 5.0 to ESXi 5.0 Update 4.

Now, I need to check this in the physical server.......

Just to add the compatability list in SR 2011 document haven't mentioned that the Windows 2008 R2 where UFI/EFI enabled BIOS will not be supported. Neither there is no update that the System Recovery Disk 2011 uses Windows PE 2, which is also not supported in 64bit Env.



Hi, I have checked the


I have checked the physical system and done a successful backup.

But the restore has failed.

I have done a successful backup of all drive/partition (including EFI based reserved partition).

Now, I have executed the diskpart command and found the following below:-

In the screen shot the partition 3 is not shown in the Disk managment but as I used the "List Partition" command it's showing.

In other word SSR 2013 is unable to see this partition.

Any idea what could be the issue.


Hi, I have done some googling


I have done some googling and found that is a reserved partition created against GPT partition.

This is a MSR partition. more details in the below links:-

Is this partition required for a successful restore. This partition is not visible by the SR 2013.

Any ideas....


Hi, Any ideas


Any ideas guys....




Hi, I have done a recovery


I have done a recovery the backed up data image on to a VM.

It's successful restored but when starting the windows with "Mini-setup".the following error was generated:-

“The Computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installer cannot proceeded. To install windows click “OK” to restart the computer and restart the installation”

I foudn the below KB articles , which says we need to restore the same disabling the "mini-setup".


Hello Mrinal, If it is a

Hello Mrinal,

If it is a bootable GPT partition , and as you know it is not supported with SSR 2011 , I will request you to try a new version of SSR 2013 and perform a restore as GPT / EFI / UEFI is supported using SSR 2013.

Also with your query , unable to see the partition in Disk Part , I will request you to clean the partitions.

To perform the restore of Windows Server 2008 R2 refer : 

Steps to perform the clean are given in the article TECH129112

If the GPT partition is not bootable , you can try performing the restore using SSR 2011.

Refer :