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System Recovery 2011 slow recovery

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I originally found this below article in the forums which has been closed so I could not comment on and I wanted to help others who might have this problem.


As the subject says, I was restoring using System Recovery 2011, not 2010 as in the above mentioned article, it seems this is still an issue in the 2011 version however. 

I am restoring an image to a HP ML350 G6 across a network (from a NAS) and was finding that the speed of the restore was very very slow compared to other restores I have previously done, it was found that it was the onboard network card which is the problem, we installed an alternative network card to complete the restore (in our case a spare HP NC364T)  and removed once the restore was complete.

Alternative driver's for the NIC don't appear to resolve the issue, and the NIC works fine from Windows, the latest 10.10 firmware from HP was installed.

I hope this help's anyone else who is facing this problem.