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System Recovery 2013 Off-Site drives can't delete old points

Level 4

I have the backup destinations set to  "Automatically optimize storage". The main default drives are fine, but the backup drives are getting full. They are still retaining the old recovery points. 


Under Tasks > Manage Backup Destination I can select my default backup destination and my off site destination. My default shows I have recovery points, but when I select the off-site drive it shows no recovery points so I can't set up optimization. 

How do off-site drives clean out old recovery points?


The picture ssr2013 attached is the screen I see when the off-site drive is selected. Notice I can't click on settings to change anything.


THe picture ssr2013DefaultDrive is the screen of the default drive setup. I would assume both defualt and off-site drives should be the same in size.