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System Recovery 2013 R2 VProConsole, splash opens, but fails to open Console

On launching Symantec System Recovery from quick launch toolbar or program shortcut, the VProConsole, splash bitmap window opens but the console fails to open. Eventually it disappears without starting the program. I cannot access the features of the console, but by right clicking Symantec recovery in quick launch toolbar I can save disk images to a backup disk by specifying drives to save and where to save them. These stay set, but there is no means to select drives not to back-up, so the icon displays red cross because some drives are not backed up, but without the option via the console to switch off the notification.

Symantec System Recovery Spalsh Screen.png

If the VProConsole application is double clcicked in the Console folder of the Program Files for Symantec System Recovery, a Windows message dispalys that there is a problem:

Windows error warning.png

The only option is then to close the program and it disappears. All worked fine with the previous version 11.0, this is only happening with 11.1, update to R2.


As an aside, noticed it allows backup a GPT drive partition, not from console at the moment as that isn't working but by right clicking the quick launch for System recovery, which the previous versions did not do. Possibly could be because of v11.1 R2 version having 4K partitioning capability, so that is added, but of course need the console to work.


Regarding the problem of the console not working, I tried repair install/uninstall option and several uninstalls and reinstalls. Also tried on another computer, and it worked then, but that isn't the one I do my computer work on, just an earlier model used as a spare. The other differences are the main computer uses SSD and have installed SSR R2 on a different hard drive, but I did try installing it on the system drive and it still did not work. On the main computer, it does not open the console that enables full access to the program's features.

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Try disconnecting any

Try disconnecting any external drives (USB, thumbdrives, SD cards, etc) and see if you can determine if one of those devices may be causing the hang. 

If that doesn't resolve it, browse to the C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery\Utility folder. Dbl-click on the PARTINFO.EXE file. it will create a PARTINFO.TXT file in the same folder. If you reply and attach that file, we can see how SSR is seeing the drives and if this has anything to do with the console not opening. 



Have treid uninstalling

Have treid uninstalling reinstalling, everytime I install the previous version it works normally, but every time I install the R2 version it wont open the console.


Partinfo file created as per instructions:


2 steps to try: First,

2 steps to try:


First, perform the steps in the following technote:

If the technote does not resolve the issue, disconnect the 30gb drive from this system. This 30Gg drive is presenting itself to SSR with partition errors, and we need to rule that out as a factor. From the Partinfo, it appears there isn't a drive letter assigned in Windows Disk Management. Hopefully you know what and where this drive is. (USB, flash drive, internal drive, etc). Once disconnected, reboot and try to open the SSR console. 


I tried the TECH224990, had

I tried the TECH224990, had tired that before when trying to search for a solution, it didn't work then. I found the ShowWelcome=2 not 1, but changed it to 0 to make sure it agreed, but it still didn't solve the problem.

I then disconnected the 30GB drives, the drive sectors may have related to a USB pen drive, but also had several 30GB partitions, so removed pen drive and the others and re-booted, it still didn't start. Then did a reconnected except pen drive, did a disk check repaired errors on one 30GB drive rebooted and tried to start SSR again, but still same problem. Files attached related for updated Part info app files produced, 1)with all 30Gb drives disconnected and 2) the part info file based on using the utility after the drive errors were corrected and without the pen drive connected.

None of these actions resolved the problem, but of course needed carrying to rule out before investigating further. Thanks.


This issue could be related

This issue could be related to a few different possibilities. Can you please contact technical support and have them open a support case? We need to look at the logs, services, and other particulars on your system. When you contact technical support, you can reference this thread.