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System Recovery 2013 Windows 8 issues

Level 2

I downloaded evaluation copy of System Recovery 2013 and installed it on my Windows 8 Pro 64-bit laptop. Install itself was easy and flawless but after a system reboot my problems started. When I tried to run System Recovery 2013 first time I got an error message "You do not have sufficient privileges to perform the operation", and SSR launcher would exit. I tried to run SSR as "Administrator" but got same message. I went through Windows event logs but counldn't find anything regarding SSR privileges. I also went through documentation and didn't find any references about this message during application launch.

I also noticed that my laptop fan was blowing at full speed, as I investigated the issue I saw that Windows WMI process was consuming 30% of CPU time (4 thread system), WMI was stuck somehow. Windows restart did not fix WMI, it was in same state after every reboot.

As I wasn't able to run SSR and my Windows was broken by stuck WMI process my only option was to uninstall SSR 2013. Uninstall was VERY slow but fortunately it did succeed and my laptop is running normally again.

My laptop is high spec system, Core i7 2640M CPU, 16 GB RAM and SSD, so problem should not be because of lack of computing resources. Windows 8 is pretty clean install, no 3rd party AV agents of firewalls at this point.

Any ideas what might have gone wrong?


Level 5


Can you please re-install SSR 2013 and see if you encounter this issue again?

Please check if "Symantec System Recovery" service exists and started.

If the Symantec System Recovery service does not exist, then register it using the following steps:

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Change to the following directory:
    \Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery\Agent
  • Type the following command and then press Enter:
    sc create "Symantec System Recovery" start= auto binPath= "c:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery\Agent\VProSvc.exe" DisplayName= "Symantec System Recovery" depend= RpcSs/PlugPlay/EventLog | sc description "Symantec System Recovery" "Provides backup and restore services, job scheduling, and event notification" | sc start "Symantec System Recovery"

    Note: Ensure that the binPath is correct and note the space after the equal to (=) sign.

Please let me know if this resolves the issue.



Level 2

I did reinstall and encountered same problem again. System Recovery Service is registered and it is running.

I attached an screenshot of my desktop with error message visible and task manager showing WMI Provider Host using 30% of CPU time (4-way system). 

Btw, I did upgrade SSR 2011 to 2013 on my desktop PC which is running Windows 7, I had no issues at all with that.

Level 2

Any ideas what to check or how to fix this?

I can't have SSR 2013 installed on my Windows 8 laptop as it won't even shut down when WMI process is stuck.

Level 6

How about reinstalling it using Right Click and select Run as Administrator ?

Level 4

Login As Buildin Administrator Account or (First User Account Created After Installation) there are some issues(User Previliges) in Windows 8 Startup Virsions.or Right Click and run as administrator....