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System Recovery 2013 issues

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Looking for some help!!!  We are trying to recover a C: drive from a backup which we have but when trying to mount or open we get the above errors.  Is there any other software that will open this to allow viewing or rebuild the file?







I have an idea though I do not know if this successfully works in your system. 

1. Open your VSR 18 or SSR 2013 console.
2. Click [Task] -> [One Time Virtual Conversion].
3. Check [Microsoft Virtual Disk] and choose "Type: .vhd" or "Type: .vhdx".
   If your volume in your recovery point file is larger than 2 TB, you need to choose .vhdx.
4. Press [Next].
5. Open the list for [View by:] and choose [File name].
6. Click [Browse].
7. Select your recovery point file name (.v2i or .iv2i) and click [Open].
8. Press [Next] and press [Next] if you do not need to change the parameters.
9. Press [Finish].
10. If it is successful, you can find .vhd or .vhdx in the same location as your recovery point file.
11. Right-click .vhd or .vhdx and select [mount].
12. A drive letter is assigned to .vhd or .vhdx on your system and you may get files from the drive.

Or as a last resort, create VSR 18 SRD and restore the recovery point on a VM and get files from the VM.
It is because VSR 18 SRD has a feature to ignore the damaged area in the recovery point file by default. However SSR 2013 SRD does not have the same feature. 

However the license for VSR 18 may be needed when creating the SRD or booting from the SRD.


As a real last resort, I suggest to upgrade to VSR 18. VSR 18 has a feature to ignore the damaged area in the recovery point when restoring. If you has a VM, you can restore the recovery point as the trial (for 60 days) after installing VSR 18 on the VM because the SRD is not needed.