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System Recovery 2013r2 delay turn off

Level 3


good day

Could someone help me please . I installed without problem Symantec System Recovery 2013r2 but now my problem is turn off windows, I can not turn off my computer. I did these procedures but my problem was not resolved

*  setup

windows 7 32 bits ( this pc is not connected to internet)

Symantec Recovery 2013 r2 ver

*  steps

1 close service ( symante system recovery and symantec setting manager)

2 update to SP6

3 unistall norton antivirus

thanks in advance








What do you mean by you can't turn off your computer? What happens if you try to shutdown?

hello Markus

thats correct I can not turn off the computer after of installing SSR2013 r2 

The Only way to completely shut it off is to hold the power button


I want to add the next step and not worked

Its about of 2 files .bat 


the computer turn off very well only when SRR2013 is uninstalled 


pd sorry my english is bad





Puh I think you'd better file a case for this issue.

Hi Markus

Good Day

What I should do to present a case for this issue?

its inusual this situation, I have installed this software sometimes and this situation is my first time

Any else sugerency , someone . This for resolve this rare issue


I can not install clean windows because this pc have production programs

thx in advance




Go to und file the case there.


Ok , 


 I hope someone help me about this issue.


have a nice day



I want to add some more steps that not has resolved this problem:

1 Add new user with administrative privilegies , log in , same problem , not turn off windows

2 I uninstalled netframe 4.6.1 , and I installed 4.5 ( requerided ) , result = the same problem


hello to everyone

affortunatly , I could resolve this problem.

its about of this software : Backup Express Catalogic DPX  , is in conflict with SSR2103 R2 , when is uninstalled  the problem is resolved but I must not uninstall that software . my mission now is stop any services (Backup Express Catalogic DP) before turn off the pc, but i have not located which services affect so to stop them