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System Recovery 21 Oddities

Level 4

1st my third backup destination shows as "At Risk"--I have to set it as "Not Reported"

2nd  All my local drives are display twice after replacing my motherboard.  If I remove them and then to a refresh (scanning drives) they are not re-added, but are added after every reboot.

3rd Almost every day, either the E drive or the F drive backup fails with Error EC8F17B7: Cannot create recovery points for job: Storage (F:\).
Error EC8F03EA: Cannot create a virtual volume image of the selected drive.
Error E0BC0002: Object SME~Computer~BgM13541354Region-0~VM13541354Region-0-3 not found. (UMI:V-281-3215-6071)

They are both ordinary sata drives.  If I manally run the backups they are always successful. Some times the scheduled backup run run fine.  Those error code normally suggest partion errors.



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There could be some issue in the history file or job configuration, have you tried this ?

Thanks and Regards

I actually looked for that article and couldn't locate it--I'll try it.  Thanks!

The tech note you referenced didn't help.  

fltmc unload SSRFsF

mountvol /r

fltmc load SSRFsF

Worked even though mountvol /l didn't show extra volumes.  Drives still occasionally get a fatal region not found error on scheduled backups.  For example-- Error E0BC0002: Object SME~Computer~BgM13541354Region-0~VM13541354Region-0-3 not found. (UMI:V-281-3215-6071).  But not a huge deal--backing up manually always works fine.



Regarding Error E0BC0002, I would like to see the log files.

1. Double-click C:\Program Files\Veritas\Veritas System Recovery\Utility\partinfo.exe.
   Please gather partinfo.txt and rename from partinfo.txt to partinfo.old

2. Open command prompt as Administrator, and run the below commands. Please gather smedump.txt, and rename from smedump.txt to smedump.old.

cd "C:\Program Files\Veritas\Veritas System Recovery\Utility\"
.\smedump.exe > smedump.txt

3. Reboot the system.

4. Do the step 1 and 2 again. Please gather partinfo.txt and smedump.txt 

I may find any clues by comparing partinfo.old / partinfo.txt and smedump.old and smedump.txt.

Thanks for looking into this.  We have several dozens of servers and pc running ssr and I've never seen anything like this.  I also including a screenshot showing my drives changing on reboot.2020-05-18 23_59_26-Veritas System Recovery 21.jpg

I could not find the issue from SMEDump and Partinfo before and after rebooting.

In general, the blue icons with "?" mean the drives that have a disk signature cannot be found on the system.

Currently SME~Computer~BgM13541354Region-0~VM13541354Region-0-3 is F drive before and after rebooting.
F drive had one disk signature "13541354" before and after rebooting. 

Could you please get the SMEDump and Partinfo when the blue icons with "?" appears again after rebooting once removing the blue icons with "?".

Then, I guess that F drive will have the different disk signature from 13541354.
D, E and F drive are on RAID 10 and the disk signature on the disks in the RAID 10 may be different every booting. 

Here are the files--the blue drives are re-appearing on every reboot.  Scheduled jobs fail--manual jobs run.

Thank you for gathering the files many times.

Unfortunately I could not find the difference for smedump and partinfo between before and after rebooting.
It is a very strange symptom.

Could you try below?

1. Stop "Veritas System Recovery" service.

2. Move all *.PQH files in "C:\ProgramData\Veritas\VERITAS SYSTEM RECOVERY\History\" to the other folder.

3. Reboot.

4. Do the scheduled backups. 

5. Confirm whether scheduled backups and manual backups are successful.

6. If blue-icons for drives appear again, could you gather the below files after stopping "Veritas System Recovery" service?

*.PQH files in C:\ProgramData\Veritas\VERITAS SYSTEM RECOVERY\History\

*.PQJ files in C:\ProgramData\Veritas\VERITAS SYSTEM RECOVERY\Schedule\

NOTE: *PQH files are backup history files. *.PQJ files are backup job setting files.

The last steps I have done the remove the rpam.dat files from the backup destinations and remove the the history and job files, and then create the jobs.  Then had the usual Error E0BC0002 errors on the raid 10 partitions.  Did manual backups on those drives, left the blue "phantom" drivers in places and for the first time last night all the job ran on schedule with no errors.  Maybe removing the blue drives triggers the anolomies,

I finally resolved the issue by deleting the registry entries for the disk id's that showed no path name found in partinfo.txt which were also listed in the error logs. They were the recovery and system partitions on the C drive.  The entries removed were under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2\CPC\Volume & HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\VSS\Diag\VolSnap

The entries were recreated on reboot, but the blues drives are gone and I've have several days of successful scheduled backups.