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System Recovery Management Solutions Agents not showing in console

We are trying out System Recovery Management Solution for one of our clients. I have the server installed and configured properly (I believe) and have manually installed the Management Agent and plug-in for System Recovery on a few test machines as the rollout function didnt seem to be working. The only agent that is showing up in the management console is the agent that is installed on the SSR server.

All servers are on the same subnet and the firewall is off on the SSR Server. I have tried reinstalling in different sequences just to see if I can get one server to show up in the console and nothing.

Let me know if you need more info. I am out of ideas here. Please help!!!


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It may just be a case of

It may just be a case of waiting for the Symantec Management Agent (SMA) to 'poll' the management solution server.

You can force this by doing a manual update to see if this helps. Just right-click the icon in the system tray, go to Symantec Management Agent settings and click on update and send. Then wait for a minute or two..


Thanks for the quick reply

Thanks for the quick reply but I have done that multiple times and I am a few days out from when I installed.

Surely it doesnt take that long before it show up?!?!



Correct. By default, the

Correct. By default, the agent should poll once every hour so there is obviously a problem.

I assume you can ping in both directions between these clients and the management server?

Do the client machines have a firewall enabled?


Currently I am just making

Currently I am just making changes to one server to see if I can get even one to show up and they are communicating in both directions and I have firewall off on both the SSR and client server.

Have you ever did the manual installation of agents? Is there anything special you have to do for that?

When installing the management agent I used the command...

aexnsc.exe –s –a ns=sbs-sql.dcserver.local nsweb=http://sbs-sql:8080/Altiris


Nothing special is required

Nothing special is required when doing a manual install of the agent.

Can you provide a screenshot of the 'Symantec Management Agent Settings' screen?


Sure. See attached.

Sure. See attached.


That shows the machine is

That shows the machine is registered with the management server so it should show up in the console.

Where exactly are you looking for the machine?

NOTE: it also shows that the SSR Plugin is not installed - you need this before you can run backups etc.


Ok. I have installed the SSR

Ok. I have installed the SSR Plugin manually as well (I believe) from this location...

Program Files\Altiris\Symantec System Recovery Management Solution\Web\SSRAgentSetup

Is that right? Anything special for that as well?

I am looking on the home screen of the console and only the SSR MS Server is showing up underneath the 'alerts and failures' also if I go to the 'Manage Tasks' tab it is not showing under all computers.

I am also having an issue with the SSR-MS server not showing that SSR is installed which it is but that is just a side note.

I've attached a screen shot of the manage tasks screen.



How many client machines have

How many client machines have you tried so far?

You may need to check the Altiris Log Viewer on the management server for errors. This server may even require a reboot to see if that helps.

Ultimately the server/client logs will need to be checked for errors..


you may also want to look at

you may also want to look at new Symantec System Recovery 2013 Monitor which works for SSR 2011 & BESR 2010. It is a new and very simple application that will help users to easily determine the backup protection status of computers that are backed up using Symantec System Recovery (SSR). It is good solution for monitoring around 100 odd client machines. It is in FA program. use following link for getting to SSR monitor FA



How can I download the beta

How can I download the beta version of Symantec System Recovery 2013 Monitor?

Where are there a new version of Symantec System Recovery ?