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System Recovery say it has access to shared drive on nas, but it doesn't.

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I configure file and folder backup with System Recovery 2011 Desktop Edition. When I am on page on which I need to enter credentials that has access to shre I do not enter credentials and SR 2011 doesn't say it hasn't access to the folder. Morever it reports that it has successfully backup files to destination but nothing is created on this destination. Then when trying to restore files SR 2011 reports the error that -destination is unreachable-.

The similar problem occur when I enter account name that has access to share and then change password to this account. SR 2011 still reports a successfull backup, but nothing is changed on destination and it's impossible to recover files that was made after the password was changed.

Why system recovery doesn't see that it hasn't access to shared folder? Why it reports the successfull backup when nothing is changed on destination?


Level 3

I have just tested that if I remove all Users from security tab of this folder System Recovery 2011 STILL doesn't say that it hasn't access to it and "make" backup to it. But nothing is created on this folder - no one user has access to it.

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I'll do some testing here but can you confirm if this problem is specific to a share on a NAS device? Can you test with a standard network share on another server/workstation to see if this shows the same problem?

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I have tried on normal PC share. PC share was opened on Windows 7 machine. When I remove all users from security tab the program still reports that it has access. However when I remove the user from sharing tab - the program starts to say that access is denied. I will post more detailed information with exact error messages a little bit later.

The testing was on VM. Every time I test connection to destination I need to revert virtual machine snapshot, because the program somehow cashed error (or it's absense) and changing permission didn't affect.

Level 3

I create folder share on Windows 7 machine. Let's name it `test`.

I enter this user credentials on the Name and Destination windows of the Define Backup Wizard.

I grant write access to this user in sharing tab of the folder test.

I create folder in test folder, let's name it folder1.

I deny all permissions to everyone for the folder1.

I make backup from another windows machine and enter as the destination machine with test folder.

SR 2011 performs successfull backup and morever it creates some data on the destination.

I then can successfully recover the files.

How can it do it? What do I miss?

P.S. I just tried to deny access to everyone for the test folder (not the folder1, that is located in test folder) and it successfully make backup and I can then recover files. It looks like a miracle.