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System crash

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We had the Backup Exec System Recovery software to run the backup job everyday on all of our servers.

Due to "unauthorized" access, our HP EVA4400 Storagework configuration got deleted which caused all the data stored on that EVA got loss.  (There are 3 physical servers that connected to EVA for data access)

Please let me know what would be the best way to get all the data back?

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It's not clear to me what you have 'lost' - just data volume(s) or entire server(s)?

If you need to recover an entire server, please follow this

Hello Criley,

Thanks you for your response.

There are couple of plans that I got from outside source, could you please let me know which of the following plan make sense?

PLAN #1:  (perform by local IT)

  • Restore all the data from backup to existing system.  (few hours to haft day down time)

PLAN #2:  (cost $330000 and 5 days down time)

  • Purchase new SAN storage along with new hard drives
  • Purchase new hardware and software
  • Consultant fee 

Note: all data that loss is about 600GB data

Normally, how long does it take to restore 600GB of data?


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I really cannot make a decision for you on this but, purely based on the cost involved, it seems like #1 is the way to go here..... but ultimately it's your decision on which option to go for since I don't know the circumstances around this issue and the potential business impact to it.

I also cannot answer the question regarding how long it would take to restore that amount of data. There are too many environmental factors to consider here (hardware being used, network performance, where data is stored and so on) - which makes this something that I cannot comment on I'm afraid.