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System recovery, dissimilar hardware, 3 partitions on original hard drive

I am using a trial version of system recovery 2011. I have created a restore point of my original hard drive. The drive has 3 partitions 25 gb each. When I created the restore point it created 3 separate restores, 1 for each drive (C,D,E). I would like to run the restore on a new drive that is 80 GB, but when it asks for the restore point to use I can only select 1(C) not all 3 (C,D,E)and the resize option is grayed out so I can not shrink the drive. How can I get all 3 partitions back in the same size partitions?

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During the restore wizard,

During the restore wizard, you need to select 'system' from the drop-down menu. Doing it this way will allow you to restore the entire machine in one step. The default setting is 'Filename'.

Hope that helps.