System recovery on SBS 2003, unable to access AD

Recently our MS SBS 2003 server went down, glad I had a copy of the backup using Symantec System Recovery 8 server edition.  I've restored the complete images to a brand new different server using restore anywhere, and that went well, everything was intact, beside the network information, which I put it back in manually. I verified all the NTFS permission and sharing, everything was good.


Just when  I thought everything was good, my workstation was unable to access the AD,  when I try to connect to a mounted network drive, I'd get the " Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect ", if I try to manually browse to the server, I couldn't see any share under t, but if I mount it manually, it will give me a login prompt, but no matter how many times I enter my user name/password, it will just reject my credential and prompt me the login again.


When user try to logon to the domain, it just took forever, and I think it finally loaded thru the local cache.

Exchange was not working at all as no user was able can authenticated to the server.



I thought with the system recovery, it suppose to be an exact duplicated copy of my server, but why the AD is giving me problems ? 


Anyone got any input on this issue ?


Thanks !

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Re: System recovery on SBS 2003, unable to access AD

For issues like this it is better to contact Symantec Technical Support for assistance.