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Tips for Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) for desktops for those moving away from Altiris Recovery Solution?

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I just received an E-mail stating they are going to retire Recovery Solution.  I remember when they dropped server support for Recovery Solution (RS) and replaced it with BESR.  This was about 2-3 years ago and the following were big changes from the way RS worked.
  • No redundant file elimination (not BLOB based storage)
    • If I’m backing up 5 systems with 10gb of compressed data (the disk image), I’ll need 50gb storage
  • No Client based redundancy for file or block level.
    • If I’ve already backed up a system with Windows XP and Office 2007, this will all retransfer over the WAN since redundant files are not eliminated.
So in short, it appeared BESR was just a nice way to use disk imaging technology to backup systems and offer great flexibility on how to restore. I’m hoping it at least allow block level increments to the backup. However, it appears I’ll need a local BESR storage location for all my backups. 

The data sheet shows incremental backup but I’m not finding anything regarding storage or bandwidth savings via redundant file elimination.
 (• Incremental recovery points can be scheduled as often
as every 15 minutes if desired. Incremental recovery
points save time and reduce disk storage requirements
by capturing only the changes that were made since the last recovery point.)

Can anyone offer any insight on what is different about the current BESR for desktops offering and how it will change the way I’m use to working with RS Servers and storage in recovery solution?