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Uninstall SSR2013 without reboot

Can anyone tell me the command line to uninstall SSR2013 and not have the client reboot?  I tried adding "REBOOT=ReallySuppress" to the end of the command line, but it made no difference.

"CommonInstaller.exe UninstallSSR REBOOT=ReallySuppress"

Please help! Smiley Very Happy

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Hi, Please locate setup.exe

Hi, Please locate setup.exe in installer media and try following command line: setup.exe /S: /UNINSTALL: This command will initiate silent uninstall. -Thanks, Pravin

I need to initiate this

I need to initiate this command from the management server to the client, not on an individual computer.


Hi, Suppress of reboot is

Hi, Suppress of reboot is presently not supported from CommonInstaller.exe Regards, Hari