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Unknown error at end of backup

I just installed and setup my first System Recovery 2013 backup job on my Windows 8 workstation.  The job says it completes successfully but in the log on the E Drive I get the following message:

Date: 7/27/2013 23:19:05 PM

Notification Type: Info

Priority: High

Description: Info 6C8F1F7E: A scheduled incremental recovery point of drive E:\ was created successfully. Unknown Error

I've mounted the volume successfully and run verify against the job and the E drive backup shows as valid.  Should I just ignore this.  I recieved it both after my first full backup and the first scheduled incremental backup.

2 Replies

What is the Backup

What is the Backup destination you have (make and model). Do you have verify selected inside the job?

This comes up when the job is completed and SSR is trying to update the journals and probably at that time the application is not getting response from the destination.

I am backing up to a Synology

I am backing up to a Synology DS412+ NAS over gigabit ethernet.  I have added Verify inside the job.  Last night's backup ran correctly for both the C and E volumes and did not have the "Unknown Error" appended.