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Upgrading Smaller HD to Larger HD

Level 4

I'm using SSR 2013 version 11.0.2 boot CD to upgrade an 80GB hard disk to 250GB. SSR 2013 is not installed on the Windows XP PC.

The (source) 80GB disk is partitioned into C (40GB) and D (40GB). I was able to boot off SSR2013 CD to backup the 80GB HD (both partitions) onto an external USB HD. I successfully restored the data to the larger, 250GB, hard disk. The problem is I end up with the same C (40GB) and D (40GB) partitions. There is a remaining 150+ GBs unpartitioned (and of course unused).

How can I rearrange partitions during the restore? My goal is to have a fully functioning (bootable) 250GB HD which is partitioned into something like C (80GB) and D (170GB). Is that even possible?


Level 6


take a look at this document: