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VSR-MS Policies

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I am setting up VSR 18 SP3 in Altiris CMS 8.5 RU2...

in Altiris, any policies, you can check a box off allowing people the ability to do a manual run. If that box is unchecked, the item will run at the scheduled time.


Is there a way for us to have a backup policy (although we are going to have 3 policies), where when you right click the vsr icon, that you can not show some of the backup policies?

Example is if both in the pic are "scheduled", still allow them to only kick off one.. not able to do the other...


so our 3 policies will be

* Bi - Yearly
* Bi - Weekly
* Manual Run - Pre Vendor Visit


so we want to not allow the local user the ability to kick off either of the "Bi"....

just trying to plan this out...


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Sorry but I don't think what you are trying is possible with the VSR Management Solution. This would be classed as an enhancement request.

It's a nice idea though. Could you explain the reasoning behind why you are wanting to do this?

well we are going to do a few backup sets...

set 1 - bi-yearly... say January 1 and July 1 - retain 2
set 2 - bi weekly... every other sunday - retain 2
set 3 - Vendor coming in

so the first 2 sets.. would be automaticallly ran. set 3 would be if a vendor comes in, and they want to do a backup first. 
IF set 2 JUST ran... there would be a current backup and one 2 weeks ago. if they run it again, then there would be say the most current (could of been yesterday) and one today... thus really not doing 2 weeks.... so if we were able to uncheck something like in software delivery in Altiris, then we could "hide" them from the user and only allwo the one to show called Vendor

hope that makes sense...