VSR network capped?

I have VSR configured on a Dell xeon with 32gb ram and a 10gb network. I can backup files to the location I am going to save my VSR images too. I get 1.0-1.3GB/s transfer rate without any issues...

VSR is only copying over at say 25-300Mbps which is roughly 35MB/s (google converter hah)..

I have 1tb t back up and dont want it to take forever when i can copy a gig a second via normal file transfer. Is something needed to be configured to get more speed from VSR? or is this the nature?



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Re: VSR network capped?


I know that we have had some issues in the past (https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.100006699.html), so I am going to see if we can get the same for VSR 18.x

You mention that a file copy within Windows is fast but how much data did you copy? Does it start fast and get progressively slower testing things that way?

Re: VSR network capped?

@criley  - Saw those regkeys - yes i do search... hah...

tried following the keys and they dont exist, was hoping for just replace ssr with vsr but no go.. so i apprecaite anything your looking into. Also hopefully you can get it in before the beta program runs out. I will post over there my results if you can get anything going!

so yes, I can copy a 20gb file direct and it goes 1GB/s throughout. I will copy that file a few times and give a bigger go at it to see.


once again apprecaite your time.

Jeffrey Riggs

Re: VSR network capped?


Just wanted to let you know that I've not forgotten about this.

There is more to do before we can make the reg keys available. Will update when this is complete.

Re: VSR network capped?

well SP3 is released and would be nice if it was integrated... any chance?

ive been testing it bigtime... to amazon aws vm on prem cache adn amazon aws physical cache unit...