Veritas SSR searches for and wakes up NAS every time PC turned on


I am a long-time SSR user and now have a NAS that I like to keep on, but like to have the disks spin down when not in use (which is most of the time).

My issues is that every time I turn on the PC, SSR is running in the background, which I need it do as I have schedule backups, but it must be looking for EVERY location of every backup I have ever made!  

So as I previously noted it always finds mising locations which is annoying.

But now, even though I am not running a backup it is searching out the NAS and waking it up.

I know it is SSR  as it wakes up just when the SSR warning box pops up about missing locations.

Is there any way for SSR to still run my scheduled backups but not wake up my NAS all the rest of the time my PC is on?



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