Veritas System Recovery 18 (SP1) starts and then almost immediately exits - Case raised

After running 16.0.1 of Veritas for the last several months I decided it was time to try out Version now that this has been released. While the install went well - no errors displayed and then the system rebooted - only for a brief "flash" of the VSR 18 GUI - but no VSR icon in the system tray afterwards. Also - then trying to start VSR 18 manually another 1-2 sec brief GUI flash only to then immediately exit. There is also nothing appearing in any log that I can see when you attempt to start VSR so I am at a loss to know where even to start. As VSR 16 was running successfully on my system - then one would expect that VSR 18 SP1 would also be the same. I have raised a Support case using VQA to obtain data - hopefully the experts can work out why VSR 18 won't run properly on my system. I will hold off trying to install on any other system until I have got some feedback from support.
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Re: Veritas System Recovery 18 (SP1) starts and then almost immediately exits - Case raised

It turns out that is a very simple solution to this problem. It occurs because the Veritas software is trying to connect to a network resource that is slow in opening - in my case a NAS system. You make a simple change to ta settings file and VSR 18 SP1 is immediately operational - once it has managed to connect to the network destination. (if you open the network share separately using Explorer that allows VSR to also connect there just about immediately instead of it being quite as slow.) See for the details of which file you need to change. Thanks to Veritas Support for coming back with the solution very quickly. Very impressed.
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