Veritas System Recovery Desktop referral

I have used System Recovery and its predecessors for many years.  I have an acquaintance who is very technical and I was recommending System Recovery for Desktop for home PC windows backup use.

They brought up some of the commonly used paid and free alternatives and I was trying to find some reviews or feature comparisons to pass along.

However I could not find any reviews or any third party comparisons to other imaging products.

Is there something I can send along?  I started using SSR due to my prior use of SSR and Ghost, but was curious what to refer this person to.



PS. Upgrading to 18 next week. It looks like I need to install 18 and then the new service pack?  Any interesting new features?

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Re: Veritas System Recovery Desktop referral

According to https://www.veritas.com/content/support/en_US/doc/37874213-136670606-0/v27543029-136670606:



Support for hidden drives

Veritas System Recovery 18 Service Pack 3 now supports hidden drives for backups and you can restore recovery points from the hidden drive.

Re: Veritas System Recovery Desktop referral

Thanks for that on new features.

Does anyone have any input on the main part of my original post regarding referring someone to material on reviews or comparisons of Systerm Recovery desktop for someone interested in buying?