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Veritas System Recovery Management Solution and Win Srv 2016

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Hello everybody,

in my compoany we're using VSR since many years and we implemented Management Solution in order to control clients status and to remptely manage backup jobs.

We moved from an environment based on Windows Server 2008 R2 and VSR 16 to new servers based on Windows Server 2016 and we realized even latest version of VSR Management cannot run on servers newer than 2012.

I was woundering if Veritas is still interested in supproting and developing this product. How can it be that Management Solution customers are still depending on old (and complicated, and really heavy) Symantec Altiris Platform that, I believe, nobosy will never update tp be compatible with newer OS?

Does anyone know if there is some plan to implement a different solution to remotely control clients. In our network we're dealing with 28 clients and I cannot imagine to install VSR 18 on all clients and to go on each of them to modify a job or to check status of the backup.

Now that Windows Server 2019 will be on the market is it serious to be just compatible with 2012?




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Symantec only recently added support for installing their Management Platform on Windows 2016 with the release of SMP 8.5.

The VSR Management Solution is not supported yet with 8.5, details here:

Support for 8.5 is planned but I don't have a specific timeframe for this I'm afraid.

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It's a few years I have been waiting for it, have upgraded al my VM to WIN2016, but still need to retain one with WIN2012 to run the server manager. As a rule of thumb, the manager gets support for a version of WIN server when the next version comes out (at least, this happens since the WIN2008 release), so hopefully we are going to see support for WIN 2016 in the coming months.

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And maybe something without Silverlight :)

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The current latest version (18) no longer requires Silverlight.

any ETA for win 2019 support of management servers?