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Veritas System Recovery (VSR) 18: SP1 Available Now!

Employee Accredited

Service Pack 1 for Veritas System Recovery 18 is now available.

Some highlights of this release include:

  • Amazon Machine Image (AMI) creation from VSR backups
  • Generic S3 compatible cloud storage support
  • Veritas Access support
  • Support for vSphere 6.7
  • Support for Red Hat 7.4 & SUSE 12.3
  • Support for uEFI based machines (Linux Edition)
  • Cloud storage support for VSR Management Solution
  • TLS/SSL support for VSR Management Solution

Release Notes:


Updated compatibility list:

Trialware available here:

SP1 is available via Veritas Update and patch download (

Please use this forum thread for questions/comments about SP1.


Level 3

I downloaded and installed: System_Recovery_18.0.1_56582_Multilingual_Product

The download was direct off the Veritas website seeing I am a licenced user.

This version is stated as being SP1.

After installing, I launched Veritas Update.

It notfied me that SP1 was available.

Is this a bug seeing I already have SP1 installed?

Just for the heck of it, I clicked on install.

No prompt of the installation being complete. The app just closed. I started to wonder if it crashed.

Did a reboot iommediately after.

Launched System Recovery again and launched Veritas Update and did a check.

This time it reported that the system was up to date.

My question: Was this a minor patch to SP1 that was just installed? It seems like the install flag got reset after I clicked on install.

It's a minor bug but I'm a perfectionist. :)

Employee Accredited


This is a known issue that has already been reported, see here: