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Veritas support failure

Level 4

I created a support ticket on the 10th of March regarding a problem with the creation of a recovery disk under SSR 2013 fixpack 4.

I am have being pinged by my 5th 'service engineer'.

Each of them follow this procedure :

- Hi, I am x and will be taking over this case. Give me a couple of days to review the case.

- A request by me for an update

- Silence from the other side or a message stating that my case has not yet been looked at

- A request from my end to increase the priority of the case

- Hi, I am Y and will be taking over this case ...


Requests for updates, priority increases, attention to my case : nothing


Now my questions : What can I do to get some actual help on this particular case? Is this type of behaviour normal?


[ Yes, I am aware that I can post the details of the case in the forum and try to get help that way but given the fact that we are a business paying for support on this product, I am looking for ways to improve the relationship ]




Employee Accredited

What is your case number? If you can provide this, I can look into this for you.

You can always call in using the numbers in the link below and ask to speak to the Duty Manager if you are unhappy with the progress being made on your case:

Level 3



I am having problems also getting the support we need for our company since 05/05/16.   I have requested to get the higher level of support which I am told the backline support which does not speak with the customers directly.

We are a large company with many licenses for critical situation.


Thank you.