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What's being backed up during an incremental?

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Morning everyone.

I just wondered if it's possible to determine what was actually backed up during an incremental backup job.

I only ask as we have a job which is set to create an hourly incremental backup throughout the day which will usually create a file of anything between 50 and 100MB but on rare occasion, it will create one which is 1-2GB and I'd like to know what content has changed and has triggered such a unusually large backup file to be created.

I appreciate that the software backs up modified sectors as opposed to file content so I'm not holding my breath on this one but thought it worth asking.

I've already confirmed that there aren't any processes running on the machine which could cause such a mass change like a defrag or similar so any help is appreciated.



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Well you can mount the incremental using "Recovery point browser" and check what was actually backed up during an incremental