Where is the new SRS 2013 Management Solution

The original announcement of SRS 2013 talks about a new Management solution for monitoring up to 100 clients. Where is this download as our upgrade didnt show any download for this software.

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Hi, Check this


The new monitor tool can be

The new monitor tool can be installed from the standard server edition of SSR so you only need to download this.

It is not the new Management Solution, it's a monitor tool that can be used on it's own or to compliment the existing management solution.

SSR 2013 should have a

SSR 2013 should have a stand-alone management console. SSR 2011 only has the Symantec Management Platform for management. Many small to medium-sized businesses do not want to install SMP. Managing SSR should be easy. I was really hoping there was a new stand-alone console for SSR 2013.


There is a new standalone

There is a new standalone console for 2013 but it's mainly for monitoring the status of your backups hence why it's called 'SSR Monitor'. You can use this to connect remotely to each machine to edit jobs etc.

However, the management of machines is limited so for more management style functionality, you still need to use the Management Solution.