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Still no help from Symantec

Still can not get help from Symantec

Can not create case

Products listed in correctly

When ever I call no one knows who to call and can not help

I called my rep but she is in sales and con not help?

I did get one response they told my backlight was working on this but no updates

I like the idea of submitting cases online rather than calling on hold create case in wrong queue waiting on hold getting sent to correct queue on hold on hold


Are you eligible to submit

Are you eligible to submit cases via e-mail ? This would also be an alternative.


I think what you have is

I think what you have is Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition which includes BESR Desktop 2010. Why not try to select the Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition.


Email a case

Wow what a great idea

but who do i emal?   dont repl 

they just dont reply ?



Try to choose Symantec

Try to choose Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition 3.0 becuase this product includes BESR Desktop 2010 in creating a case.


No there is a different

No there is a different adress for that. I'll send you a message with the adress.


i did make a case with SPSEE 3.0

I just got I reply for support on the case I made yesterday under SEP

As I was afraid I am in the SEP support queue he has no idea about the BESR2010 Management consol and how to configure it

How is this help????????????????



SPSEE 3.0 And BESR2010MS are differant

I don’t understand SPS and BESR are totally separate products

They have nothing in common why would antivirus support backup well it’s not a backup solution at all it’s a management solution

Why would I try to get support from them


Linas, Have you tried to


Have you tried to contact our customer care team yet?

That's probably your best option. If they cannot help, I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.


Customer care

I didn’t think Symantec cared about there customers but hay I’ll try anything once

One can only hope


Any results ?

Any results ?


I think so

I call every time I need support at least six times in the last two months and I always start

I tried to make a case on the site and ask if they can help to fix and they asked what platform it was running on I told them I didn’t know because it was there website then they put me in BE queue for support and so on

But no one ever had an idea on who to call or contact to get this problem any attention

But this time I have a case number so we will see what happens

I don’t know if I can hold my breath all day waiting in anticipation of there call


Symantec’s confused

I the mean time I have been having a private chat with _-heart-_ a Symantec employee

And she telling me I am not entitled to BESR2010MS

And that I need to purchase Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition for Servers

When every thing she sent me and others for Symantec sales shows it is included


And this doesn’t have a lot of thing I need in my Enterprise like backup on desktops and laptops 


And she telling me I am not

And she telling me I am not entitled to BESR2010MS

What does she mean by this? BESR-MS is free....


I can not get a straight answer from Symantec

I don’t know free verses purchased

Maybe they think because its free we didn’t purchase so we don’t have it?

Maybe we need a judge to resolve this


The SPS EE 3.0 includes the

The SPS EE 3.0 includes the BESR 2010. The BESR 2010 has the BESR Management Solution  and its free. You may go to, use your serial number for the SPS EE 3.0 that you have and you will be able to see the BESR Management Solution. If you want to confirm this, you may call the licensing team so you can be assisted in the fileconnect website.


Wow I got a message from Queue


Like magic my Private messages got taken over by Queue

The person _-heart-_ is gone no record of this person and all messages are renamed

Any way he confirmed that SPSEE does include Management Solution

This guy is like God so I believe him



I guess they don’t care that other Symantec Employees are stressing out there customers about there products and lying to them about what they have and don have




A little off topic

So I guess we are way off topic here

Who supports MySymantec Website?


Hello Linas, MySymantec

Hello Linas,

MySymantec website is being supported by Customer Care. MySupport website is being supported by Technical Department.


I got a case

Support did give me a case number

But no activity on the case as of yet five days and no update on MySupport Case detail 


Create Date :

Feb 24, 2011 9:07:06 PM (GMT)