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LOL, I don't even know what


I don't even know what that is, my only website is this forum, fileconnect and MySymAccount, that's all I guess.


I asked for a 3rd update

My response

The case remains open.  I have escalated the matter to my team lead.

I will update you on the status, as soon as possible.

We will see


I asked for a 4th update

no responce yet


Don't worry my Friend, keep

Don't worry my Friend, keep calling them and show your persistence :-)


Something’s up

After asking for the last update now I can not log into MySupport site anymore

Maybe they are working on my issue?  


A person like me called and was told to try to create a case

And it worked I am able to create cases with my support

I was told in the future when I have issues to call Symantec Enterprise Tech Support and ask for person like me but he wouldn’t tell me the department he is in just ask for a person like me

Well the most important part is case creation works

Now about Products & Maintenance

The person just like me told me he will call back with a case for this issue

All products show purchase date of 2007?

not bad 3 months to get this fixed


person just like me never called?

Still waiting for person just like me to call with case never did

I will try process agene

Still info with Products and Maintenance all wrong


Still no help from support


MySupport buggy at best some time’s can not log in

Product info wrong

Can not find correct support department

Will keep trying


Surprise surprise nothing changes

MySupport still not working

Trying to create case to migrate users from BESR2010MS to SSR2011MS

Can not find product in product list

Choose similar product and Error


“MySupport Application Error

The MySupport application has encountered a program error. You can either try again or contact  Symantec Technical Services

Thank you for your patience”


I guess I will waist a day on the phone with support wile I wait for them to figure out what software I have and try to put me in the correct queue and wait for some support person to help me!


Half hour with support

So I called support after half an hour we were able to select an option that’s seems to be for SSR2011MS

We choose Backup Exec System Recovery Management Solution (formerly Backup Exec System Recovery) 2011

So the old name is formerly the old name?

On the Admin guide the name is "Symantec™ System Recovery 2011 Management Solution"

And in my letter from Symantec about the Version Upgrade Notification give the name

"Symantec System Recovery 2011 Desktop Edition (formerly Backup Exec System Recovery)"

Who knew?

Oh and buy coincidence they are having technical difficulties with the site at this time and to try late to create your case

We retried and with support on the phone we were able to create a case

This is a credit and a mile stone and a technological marvel they create a website to log cases and to complete you have to call support wait 30 minutes on hold and after another 30 minutes with support you can successfully create a support case

And now the fun really begins when support calls to help resolve your support issue  


Some one called

Try called and told me backline was working on it

i dont know what they are working on?

i was someone who is working on this would call to resolve issues with MySupport


A tech called to check status

I told him the info is all wrong so he told me he will forward to the concerned department


Support is screwy

He’s trying to tell me all this was available in 2007 “All these products were available in 2007 (Backup Exec & Protection Suite were available too though not versions 2010 & 4.0 as listed now).”

I asked him what about the stuff I got in 2004, 2005 and 2006?


No Help No Clue

nothing changed no help data incorect no clue who to talk to  


I just renewed SSR2011

I just renewed SSR2011 and I regesterd the Serial numbers but there not on the site
I clicked on

 “Don't see all the products you have purchased? Click here.”

I enter my San or serial Number but get error “
The SAN and/or order number you entered are invalid. Please enter a valid SAN and order number and click Submit. “

If I try to enter Serial Number I get error

“The Serial number you entered is already associated with your MySymantec account. Please try again with a different Serial number.”

I am on the phone with support as i am typing this they have no cue???


I think I might have an idea

While I was on the phone with support she kept talking about a SAN number

I don’t know what this is but I think it’s like a customer number

And I think every time I purchase or renew products they give me a new SAN number

BUT MySupport is set up with the SAN number from 2007

So I only see stuff from 2007

SAN numbers from 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 are different SAN numbers and are not setup with MySupport site


I have a case number with Customer Care Licensing department we will see what happens


If I am correct this makes sense

I was reading the beginning of this Issue and this makes sense I could not create a case for my products because the SAN from 2007 there was no product SSR 2010 in 2007


Oh my god what have they done

It seems they changed the MySupport web page

Can’t figure out how to make a case now required fields cannot change or enter information help buttons not working and cannot find any products using the search button?

One good thing is they added a Chat Now! Button and it works although I didn’t get much help from the chat support person the firs didn’t understand and the second from a different department and didn’t want to help Here is the chat we had


Stefan: Hello my name is Stefan from support, how may I help you?

You: i have a question about MySupport

You: how to create case?

You: i click Create Case

You: i figured that out

Stefan: Is this for a .cloud product?

You: but i am stuck i can not change Status it is a Required Information

You: no for SSR2011

You: and can not find products?

Stefan: Apologies I work for the .cloud support team and I think this request may be for a different dept

Stefan: Your inquiry requires the expertise of our Enterprise Technical Support Team. A phone number to reach our Enterprise Technical Support can be found at


Stefan: They should be able to assist you further

You: so I need expertise of our Enterprise Technical Support Team. to create a case?

Stefan: it is their support system which I do not have access to

Stefan: thus I am unable to create a case for you


I guess I will call tech support to try and make a case?


not working

I am on the phone with support and still can not find any products in the search box

We tried ssr2011, ssrms2011, Symantec, system, Recovery, 2011 besr, besrms, besr2010, besrms2010, backup

Well backup worked it found Backup Exec  this will not work for SSR2011

If I type the name “symantec system recovery 2011’ and try to submit case I get error


 Error: Invalid Data.
Review all error messages below to correct your data

Error:Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria.


So if support can not creat a case I guess they wont have to solve any issues


Sorry my fault

MySupport is still the same I was working with “Symantec Customer Business Operations”

And there is a different webpage for their cases

There is a new Tab on the MySupport Site one for Technical support and one for Customer Support

The Technical support is the same

Customer Support is very different in looks and usability well doesn’t work ok not needed