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Why is this on my computer

I built my computer slowly one piece at a time, im the only person that uses it and somehow this stuff is on my comptuer and i want it off, its not listed in programs and asks me for a password i dont have or have ever setup. How do i get this off?

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What "stuff"?

What "stuff"?

Symantic Endpoint

Symantic Endpoint

I don't see how it could end

I don't see how it could end up on there unless it was manually or remotely installed.

It doesn't sound like this is a work PC.

The cleanwipe tool fully removes SEP. You can get it from support/fileconnect website:

Or is that's not an option there is a manual uninstall:

Uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection

Hi, Why you wants to


Why you wants to uninstall SEP Anti virus? It definitely sounds like a managed client because it's password protected.

If possible could you provide the screenshot, open SEP client GUI --> Click on Help --> Select Troubleshooting , provide the screenshot of that window.