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Windows 10 21H1 - no technical support possible

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I have 30 licenses ( under maintenace ) of Veritas System Recovery 21.

My company's machines are slowly upgrading to Windows 10 release 21H1 (it was released in May 2021 by Microsoft so that is now more than 3 months ago).

However, I am facing problems with Veritas 21 (build that technical support is refusing to address based on the principle that ' Veritas 21.x is not supported on Windows 10 - 21H1'.


From a different thread, I learned that support for Windows 21H1 is coming 'in the next major release'.

Can someone tell me when that next major release is scheduled to be released? Or when actual 'support' will be provided for Windows 10 - 21H1 ?







Windows 10 21H1 will be supported on VSR 22. Unfortunately the release date is not determined yet.

I am aware that many customers are waiting for the support of Win 10 21H1.
So our support team is discussing with Engineering or Product manager how to support Win 10 21H1 as soon as possible. 

Not to shoot the messenger, but this lag has been a longstanding issue.  Generally, we hold off a few months before upgrading existing machines so this has not been a problem for our existing machines. However,as we buy new/replacement machines they are coming with 21H1.  We have VSR build installed on a couple of machines that are running 21H1 and SO FAR have encountered no issues. But, it is a significant issue if support will not address problems.  I understand support can only do so much as they are not part of the Engineering team.  To complicate the problem, Windows 11 is on the horizon. Ugh...

Please keep us informed on possible workarounds. 

Rather amazing, isn't it? especially in view of how minor an upgrade 21H1 is over 20H2. Frankly, I'm surprised support for such minor Windows updates is not available on the very day of the OS release.


A quick request for an update. Any additional info on this?   Windows 11 will be released on Oct 5, 2021 and we will have 2 unsupported Window's versions.


Maybe you could try the Veeam free Agent.

They do support current products from Microsoft. 

Microsoft Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel (from version 1803 to version 21H1)

Microsoft Windows 10 Education is not supported