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Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

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I am currently using Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 with my Windows 8.1 based desktop PC.  I am planning on upgrading to Windows 10 on July 29, 2015 when Windows 10 is released.  I've been relying on Norton Ghost and SSR 2013 to do full system images for years.

Is Symantec currently working on software for Symantec System Recovery 2013 so that it will be compatible with Windows 10?  

Will Symantec be offering a FREE update patch to Symantec System Recovery 2013 that will make it compatible with Windows 10?  Will it be called Symantec System Recovery 2013 R3 or something else like Symantec System Recovery 2015?

I would like to see SSR 2013 tested and certified as compatible with Windows 10 as soon as possible.  I would prefer not to have switch to another vendor's system image backup software like Acronis.  Their website is saying that you can get a free software update for Windows 10 compatibility for Acronis True Image 2015.

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Hi Chris, no we (anyway I) won't shoot the messenger. However I think it is very dissapaointing a huge software firm like Symatec has not anticipated on the coming of Win 10. It was made available trough many trial and testing versions especially for developers and I thougt I could expect adequate actions from Symantec.

Anyway the only conclusion is to wait for SP4 of wich I hope it will be available before expiration of the 60 day trial period.......



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I hear you and have fed back these responses to the relevant people internally.

I will update here with more info as and when it becomes available. However, I will be out of office for the next 10 days so wont be able to contribute to this thread during that time.

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What are the upgrade options for those of us who have SSR 2013 and not SSR 2013 R2?  We upgraded to Windows 10 with the assurance everything we had was compatible.

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@Chris Riley,


Can you please at least help me with the "issue" of SSR 2013 v11.0.2.49853 versus SSR 2013 R2? I thought I was already on SSR 2013 via Live Update. When did this SSR 2013 R2 come out and wasn't I eligible a free update/upgrade? If not free update, how much do I need to pay to move to SSR 2013 R2?


Can you please help?

I want to resolve this issue before I uograde to Windows 10.



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I upgraded two machines to Win10, both times, I've got the licensing problem.

This is fixed after reinstallation from DVD with Version If you run Live-Update afterwards, the licensing problem is there again. So an older version is fully compatible with Win10, unbelievable but true. Everything works, no compatibility issues whatsoever.

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That's insane, do they try to let us all buy new so called supported versions!

I noticed that trent with other software too, after last update not possible to install on 10 but fast release a new version that you need to buy for 10 support.

Still unhappy Symantec did not start SSR2013 patch for 10 some months ago!


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Hi, when you "Everthing works, no compatability isses whatsoever." Have you tried to restore the system from an SRD?


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Recovery Disc started and I clicked through anything but no, I haven't actually tried to restore my system. But at least my data is secure that's enough for me until the update is released.

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I confirm that this is true. I too uninstalled and re-installed with verison and it will accept my product keys. I DO NOT update via LiveUpdate as this will install R2 and latest updates which will break it and put the software into 60-day trial mode.

I'm running this version with no problems so far. I have mounted restore points from backups without issues using this older version. I haven't done a backup yet but I will try this as well and report back.

I did talk to Symantec support and the agent told me that there is going to be an update for the software but he couldn't tell me when it was coming out and whether this would be a major version update ie. 2015/2016 or a new revision like R3 to the existing 2013 version. At first he told me that I'm no longer covered under their support plan as it had expired last year. I told him that there was no point renewing a support plan if their software wasn't compatible with Windows 10 yet.

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I upgraded two of my machines this weekend to Windows 10 and as a result a trial version of Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 has been installed on the computers.   Before the upgrade to Windows 10 I was running Windows 7 Pro with two valid licenses (which Symantec has confirmed are valid) but neither computer will accept either license.

I called Symantec support today and the phone agent wasted my time by searching for my licenses only to parrot back what I already knew to be the case.  Then after a total of twenty minutes on the phone (which I'll never get back) he told me that Symantec was working on a patch and the Symantec System Record 2013 R2 doesn't work on Windows 10 and that I wouldn't be entited to patch when and if it comes out since my licenses are due to expire and he said that the patch wouldn't be available for several months.

This is simply the most stupid thing I've heard.  I went from having valid backups and licenses to having invalid licenses and potentially invalid backups.  Way to go Symantec.  Basically if my systems crash now you essentially left my high and dry.


It's time to search for another open source free reliable backup solution.

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First off I would like to say that this situation is completely unacceptable, Windows 10 insider preview has been publicly available for testing since 10/1/2014, almost a year ago.

Second, I have a work around to get SSR to accept your license. This is for those of you with 0 days left on your trial and need to activate your license to continue to operate (which was my situation, I never got the 60 days for some reason).  It seems to have worked for me, but your may want to verify that your data is still getting backed up correctly.  Do this at your own risk:

  1. Open the services control panel (View local services control panel)
  2. Find "Symantec System Recovery" and open the properties
  3. Change startup type to Disabled and click apply
  4. Click Stop
  5. Open a windows explorer and navigate to the install directory (for me it was C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery\Agent )
  6. Right click on VProSvc.exe and select properties
  7. Change to the Compatability tab
  8. Click "Change settings for all users"
  9. Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
  10. Change the compatibility mode drop down to "Windows 8"
  11. Click OK
  12. Click OK again to close the properties
  13. Go back to Services and open "Symantec System Recovery" properties again
  14. Change startup type back to Automatic and click apply
  15. Click Start
  16. Close the service properties

When you reopen the tray app it should now accept your license and let you back up again.


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Thank you so much, cjm !  The procedure you described worked perfectly for me !

Afterwards I have been able to create backups.
All my partitions / disks are of type MBR, Layout = Simple, Type = Basic, File System = NTFS.

I cannot understand Symantec not being able to provide a fix / updated version of their System Recovery 2013 R2 software for Windows 10, yet !
Sorry Symantec, such a shame, but this is a total NO-GO !!!

For the system restore, I rely on the "Lights Out Restore" that is already an entry in the boot options and that has not been removed by the Windows 10 installation.

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Thanks cjm,

This worked for me too. Just to note that I also had to make the compatability mode available for All Users to make it work for me.

That's a great help. In the past it has taken Symantec some time to come up with the fix and I was worried that the trial period would expire before that happened.



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I'd like to nominate you for an award or reward from Symantec !

Where Symantec leaves users of SSR (R2) unsupported and has too many excuses as to why there is no support for Win 10 (indeed they had almost a year !!!) and can only state they will need new income (oh sorry I ment they want to sell new licences) you came up with a perfect working solution wich anyone with a tiny bit of knowledge can install.

Thank you very much, on all my migrated PC's your compatibility change worked fine.

Have a perfect day, regards,

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Dang - was really hoping this would work but sadly it did not work for me. It is sad that we have to have a customer find a work around for a problem that symantec SHOULD have never had - they should have actually put out a version that was compatible with 10 -- its not like 10 was just dropped on them out of nowhere.

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I was experiencing similar issues to what others have described (i.e. licence key not accepted) after upgrading to Windows 10. I used the workaround proposed by @cjm and it that enabled me to successfully enter my licence key; however, I no longer have LiveUpdate on my system.

Does anyone know how to reinstall LiveUpdate for System Recovery 2013 R2 on Windows 10 - 64 bit?



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Thanks @cjm, It worked on my PC. My SSR solved



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Kudos to you my friend for outperforming a multi-billion dollar corporation, maybe Symantec might be interested in hiring you to run their SSR2013 development from here!!! I also tried your fix and it indeed did work but I still haven't had the time to try a backup and restore of my Windows 10 installation. I am trying to get my hands on another computer for testing as I do not want to destroy my existing installtion if it doesn't work. Second, it gives me the opportunity to test the Restore Anywhere feature as well. I would suggest that all users have 2 or more reliable backup products on hand at all times when events like this occur. While I've iused the SSR 2013 R2 product as my mainstay, I also have a second product installed as well and run both on different days weekly when Microsoft releases new versions of Windows or major service packs, etc. My other product offered Windows 10 compatibility one day after the launch and I didn't have issues like this and did test it's equivelent of Restore Anywhere and it did work, so if I can do it quickly, I will post the outcome here if someone doesn't beat me to it....

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Thanks @CJM!!!!

This worked for me as well. Very sad when a big companylike Symantec put no efford into resolving this issue.


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Many thanks, cjm.

Worked absolutely fine, I was not even asked to update my license key. It simply started with no reference to any test period anymore.

Great job.