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I am going to try again

I am going to try again tonight since it seems it worked fine for lots of people. Mine just kept saying it couldn't install license that symantec had sent me.

Maybe will try uninstalling program and then clean registry and re-install it. Then go through steps according to cjm. If it worked for all of you there isn't a reason it shouldn't work for me - hopefully lol

Thanks for the tip! However,

Thanks for the tip!

However, clean install of win 10 and SSR 2013R2 now no way to make new recovery media or setup lightsout restore.


I just notice it fixed my

I just notice it fixed my license issue but now i can not see any drives to backup??

And seeing the following message. 

"Can not successfully reconcile changes since last session"

@Doug3909 -- Using this work

@Doug3909 -- Using this work around I can still see the C: drive available when I use the "define new backup" wizard.  It looks like it might be a little bit confused by drives > 2TB though.  On the one I tested I have a 500 MB drive backing up to a 4TB array and it works, but it does not show the information about this destination correctly.

Now that it is licensed at least, hopefully support can help you with the issue you are seeing now.


Hello, With the new upgrade



With the new upgrade to windows 10 the license code SSR2013 is not accepted by the program. I read that more people are expiring the samen problems. I called Symanted and they told me to place an message on this post, service will than contact me.


Big hand for cjm,  the work

Big hand for cjm,  the work around worked fine, didn't even have to put in my license key.

Everything working fine now.....take note Symantec

Thanks again


I see that you are out at the

I see that you are out at the moment---honestly, it seems unbelievable that so many have this problem and I can't upgrade to Win10.


BUT, after reading through this thread, I'm not sure what the answers are here to these questions.

If I upgrade to 2013 R. 2 (I'm now using, is that a free upgrade? Will my current license WORK with that when Win 10 support is available?

---I ran LiveUpdate on my current software and it told me I was up to date. I'm not sure what the difference is here between what I'm running and what you're pointing to if the program itself says "up to date."

===I see someone posted an interesting workaround, but I'm curious for you and others---will that workaround actually maintain the integrity of the system? It makes me a bit nervous to run an image backup of a Win 10 system using software that doesn't seem compatible with Win10.



THis is cool, many thanks,

THis is cool, many thanks, but have you actually done a full restore?


That is, it makes me a bit queasy in the stomach to rely on an image backup of a Win10 system using software that doesn't entirely seem compatible with Win10--even if by some trickery I can make it think I'm on Win10. So, if I have a total meltdown and have to do a complete restore, what happens? Will it also restore Win10, even though it doesn't think that OS exists?

Hi All I have been using

Hi All

I have been using Ghost for many years but since upgrading to Windows 10 Ghost  is not compatible and does nor work so I was advised to download and install the trial version of SSR 2013 R2 which I have.  I have installed it and all appeared OK however when I try and opem the SSR 2013 R" the opening banner flashes in the centre of the screen nothing else happens.  I have tried the fix suggested by cjm and this has not resolved the issue.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated

Many thanks 

I hate to note the obvious,

I hate to note the obvious, but doesn't Win10 come with a good backup imaging backup solution? What would we lose?

I fully agree and thanks a

I fully agree and thanks a lot for the workaround. On a 3 year old desktop with two samsung ssd's it worked fine, including restoration of system drives. Backup was created on a live system. Although no 100% guarantee for every situaion I feel comfortable enough to continue with it for myself.

I skipped step 3 because in my opninion it is only necessary to stop the service temporarily to change the compatibility mode.

This is absolutely no recommendation for Symantec, They should come soon with acceptable solution, otherwise I wasted my investment done 8 months ago to move from Norton Ghost 15 to SSR 2013 R2.

And again thanks for your clear stated step-by-step plan.





I was talking few days ago to

I was talking few days ago to symantec support. They told me the following:

We got confirmation that SSR 2013 R2 Desktop is not compatible with new Windows 10  until the next maintenance release. Unfortunately, we do not have any dates yet as to when the new patch will become available. Our technicians recommend to use previous windows version until new patch will be available.  

As a result, keys are invalid due to compatibility issue. 



After changing the

After changing the compatibility mode to windows 8 and a successful completed backup I did restore both system drives successfully, meaning my desktop is still functioning well. I am fully aware of the fact this is no 100% guarantee at all but for the time being I can live with it.

It is up to Symantec to take responsibility now and do their job to service their customers as quick as they can.

Is there an ETA on the fix

Is there an ETA on the fix for those of us foolish enough to upgrade to windows 10 without calling home to make sure Symantec had enough time to figure out how to make it compatible??

Congrats to cjm - couldn't

Congrats to cjm - couldn't get his directions to work at first so I uninstalled and reinstalled SSR and tried his suggestion again and it worked. Can see my back up drive and also all my backups before and after win10 upgrade. Making boot disc as I type.

Thanks cjm

Solution appears to have

Solution appears to have worked for me also, but I look forward to the proper solution from Symantec SOON!

Compatability tab is missing

Compatability tab is missing in properties.  How do I bring it back?

All I can say to that is,

All I can say to that is, seriously Symantec?


As someone else remarked in this thread, my Win10 upgrade (from a recent 8.1 machine, an easy upgrade admittedly) was flawless. EVERYTHING worked. Everything was put back from wallpaper to icons. No driver was broken.


The only problem: here.

I will say this...the license

I will say this...the license nag warning keeps reverting to 60 days on my laptop. I.e., every time I reboot, it says 60 days again.

Polar_Bear, I'm certainly no


I'm certainly no expert in SSR, but if I correctly understand this neat activation workaround for getting SSR to work (sort of) with Win 10, then I believe you would not want to reinstall nor run LiveUpdate.  My rationale is that the LiveUpdate function may very well disrupt/impact the temporary working solution you have accomplished for SSR.

If it were me, I would continue to use the workaround SSR solution, not run LiveUpdate, and wait for Symantec to issue a full and proper solution to this absurd mess.