Symantec's site always seem

Symantec's site always seem obscure and hard to understand.


All of this angst began back

All of this angst began back when MS foisted Windows 8 upon the PC world, followed by Win 8.1, and now Win 10.  It makes me think order, sanity, and IT department budgets would be put at much-needed ease if MS were to put Win 8, 8.1, and 10 in the outgoing trash, and give back Windows 7 to the world gratis.  I don't recall any big problems or angst with Win7 Home Premium or Pro.  More importantly, I saw no dramatic value/change offered by Win 8, etc. 

IMHO, MS is desparately trying to mimic Apple's model of operating with total control over their customers.  If the future is that we must submit to total control by the computer giants, then maybe Apple (barf) is the right answer because at least their stuff just works.


Chris, Something must


Something must have gone wrong during the upgrade to Windows 10.

A repair seems to have fixed the problem.



That's good to hear. Thanks

That's good to hear. Thanks for the update.


Hi Chris, again I don't shoot

Hi Chris, again I don't shoot anybody, but how crazy can it (or in this case Symantec) get ?

I opened a support case, got the helpfull answer Windows 10 was not supported, case closed !

As stated earlier in the discussion I think Symantec was "suprised"by the publication of the final Win 10, anyway not prepared. To this matter I think I should not again repeat statements.

However I used cjp's solution, but now I read I have to open a case again (e.g. the earlier case was closed) to get the "official" patch for the lisence issue. Furthermore I also tried to open a case online and failed.

Conclusion: I have to make a phonecall from Europe to the States to open a case in order to get the patch.

I must say: Very user friendly ! I think your marketing dept wil need more budget just to get disstatisfied customers back (if they can that is).

In my personal opion this is the worst support I have ever seen by any software supplier.

Not your personal fault or doing of course, but I still feel this way.


This is out of my control I'm

This is out of my control I'm afraid.

However, the team involved in logging the cases are now aware of the situation so anyone trying to open a case for the license issue should not be denied.

Also, you should have a local phone number to call, details here:



For what its worth I have

For what its worth I have just finished completing a restore of my main Windows 10 desktop PC using the recovery point created 2 days ago with the SRD disk that I have created under Windows 10 using the Advanced mode with Windows 8.1 ADK plus the mods I needed to do afterwoods to add in \Windows\system32\oledlg.dll that was missing from that SRD iso.

The restore of Windows 10 went flawlessly - rebooted and fixed the problem I was having with Windows 10 (managed to destroy Nitro 10 Pro installation while trying to fix printer support) -the disk is now restored back and with the printer drivers for Windows 10 for my printer reinstalled everything is now fully functional.

For some reason the Windows 10 upgrade procedure disabled all printer support and as soon as I tried accessing any function that accessed a printer it froze until the whole system became unworkable.

Please note though that the config is very much vanilla and has no advanced Windows 10 disk options that would likely not be supported by either the SRD disk or SSR 2013 R2 SP3.

Once SSR 2013 R2 has full Windows 10 Support I will replace the current SRD iso with one that runs under Win PE for Windows 10 as Symantec prefers to run the SRD environment under the same OS version as the PC that you are backing up by SSR 2013 R2 which is understandable - how else can you back up Windows 10 specific disk features without running the SRD under Windows 10.

In the interim I am reasonably confident that I have a functional backup and restore system with the (slightly) tweaked SSR 2013 R2.SP3 release although I would of course prefer that Symantec would have supported Windows 10 for SSR 2013 R2 by now.


My question is why do we have

My question is why do we have to open a ticket for something that Symanted should have coded into their update for Windows 10 for software that we pay for that they had months to code for but evidently decided was not a priority??


Update ... The fix is now

Update ...

The fix is now available. I have started providing this to the customers for support cases that I currently have ownership of.


Chris, how do I get the

Chris, how do I get the update.  Same issue with licensed SSR 2013 R2 on Win 10 Ent 64




I entered a support case a

I entered a support case a few days ago.  So far no response. 




Chris, Why not post the fix



Why not post the fix on your web page for people to download vs opening a bunch of support tickets?



Chris, I have had not luck

Chris, I have had not luck getting a ticket entered into the system.  If there is a fix, I sure need it.

My product name is Symantec System Recovery 2013, version  Just upgraded to Windows 10 and now the License Key will not work. Says not supported by Windows 10. HELP!


Agree! Can not create case

Agree! Can not create case file. Have a valid SSR 2013 and need serial number fix for Win 10.


I paid for a 3 yr

I paid for a 3 yr subscription.  I've used less than a year.  Can I refund?



Update. I somehow was able to

Update. I somehow was able to log a support ticket and got a call from Symantec! They do exist.
I 'm surpose to get a call in the morning (EST).
I hope they have a fix or is this to gather more infomration of the issue?
If i get a fix i will put it on FTP site for all to download than deal with this BS from Symatec.


If i get a fix i will put it

If i get a fix i will put it on FTP site for all to download than deal with this BS from Symatec.

Please don't do this. This is a private fix that should only be provided by Symantec/Veritas.

I understand your reasons for wanting to do this and I am going to ask the question about us making the fix available in some public form. This is not a decision I can make myself but I will raise it with the relevant people internally here.

For those having problems opening support cases, as has been mentioned before on this thread, you can always phone in to open your case. Details of local numbers are here:



There are many questions here

There are many questions here - but very few answers.
To make an SSR fault report move on to: https://my.symantec.com.

The software you choose is: "System Recovery Windows Small Business Server Edition". 
Next, just write that the problem applies to SSR and the license for Windows 10.

There is no fix ready yet.

My case was handed over today to the "Advanced Team" for providing the fix.
But have not heard anything yet. I understand everyone's frustration, it feels crazy. 

CJM's temporary solution above does work in Windows 10, but if the computer can be restored is another matter... 

  1. Open the services control panel (View local services control panel)
  2. Find "Symantec System Recovery" and open the properties
  3. Change startup type to Disabled and click apply
  4. Click Stop
  5. Open a windows explorer and navigate to the install directory (for me it was C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery\Agent )
  6. Right click on VProSvc.exe and select properties
  7. Change to the Compatability tab
  8. Click "Change settings for all users"
  9. Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
  10. Change the compatibility mode drop down to "Windows 8"
  11. Click OK
  12. Click OK again to close the properties
  13. Go back to Services and open "Symantec System Recovery" properties again
  14. Change startup type back to Automatic and click apply
  15. Click Start
  16. Close the service properties

OK, some good news .... I've

OK, some good news ....

I've had approval to make the fix available via the TechNote (http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH231698).

I have just updated and re-published the TechNote. It may take a short period of time for this update to be reflected in the public domain.


I have a case # (09320798)

I have a case # (09320798) and was promised a call back but that has not happened. Is there a solution for not being able to make a recovery disk? If yes, can you provide it? Thanks.