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Just FYI. New link for the

Just FYI.

New link for the Win 10 TechNote:

Hey Chris - just went to the


Hey Chris - just went to the technote and tried to download the licensing fix in prep for a customer who is having issues since upgradin to Win 10. Got the following error:

Im in Australia and don't see why I can't download this fix as I can buy the software here.....



Are you using the Veritas

Are you using the Veritas link I provided?

I have tested it myself today and it works fine - using Firefox. What browser are you using?

I'm in Australia too (Telstra

I'm in Australia too (Telstra Bigpond cable modem access) and have no problems downloading the attachment to that document link - was a very quick download too.

Thanks for confirming

Thanks for confirming this.

We have had a few people report this and I have reported it internally.

One thing that may have an impact is where in the world your IP address is being reported.

Can both you guys from Australia confirm the results of this ( please?

@DTS71 There is an


There is an "official"  licensing issue fix (now available from Veritas link) - and that will re-enable backups in Windows 10 provided that you have SSR 2013 R2.SP3 already installed.

The alleged availability of Windows 10 Support is December.


There are also 3 "unofficial" fixes - which should work on both SSR 2013 R2.SP2 and SSR 2013 R2.SP3 (SP3 is preferred).

Fix #1 - CJM licensing Fix - reenables SSR service under Windows 10

Fix #2 - weff - Reenables blocked SRD Creation Wizard under Windows 10 - This allows SRD creation Wizard to run in an attempt to make a Windows 10 specific SRD disk.

If the SRD can be created in Typical mode - then fix #3 is not required. However, on a number of platforms the Typical mode SRD creation fails with errors. The recommended solution to that is to run SRD Ceation in Advanced mode. This requires the Microsoft ADK-8.1 to be installed and while the SRD creation might then be successful under Windows 10 - another inherent bug in Advanced mode will become apparent - a dll oledlg.dll (required by the SRDEULA.exe process on booting the SRD disk) will be found missing after burning the SRD disk and then booting from it. The solution is to also implement Fix #3 prior to creating an SRD disk in Advanced Mode

Fix #3 - weff - Always includes dll oledlg.dll within the SRD Template files - so as to prevent the SRDEULA.exe process from exiting with a missing dll on booting the SRD disk. The inclusion of this dll corrects a long-standing bug with the Advanced SRD Creation process - that has been unresolved since first being reported in April 2015.

These 3 fixes are documented over Pages 1, 2 and 3 of this thread in this forum - they are unofficial and are not supported by Veritas/S.

Since implementing these 3 fixes I have been able to perform successful image and file backups as well as a full image restore on my main Windows 10 desktop. The main desktop requires all 3 fixes as it  needs Advanced mode SRD creation. The Windows 10 laptop I have also tested this with has only required Fixes #1 & #2 as its SRD creation only required Typical mode as there no errors in that mode.

Note that both the desktop and laptop already had SSR 2013 R2.SP3 installed under Windows 8.1 and were therefore upgraded to Windows 10 with this version already installed. Whether SP2 or SP3 is installed shuld make little differences as the Windows 10 blocking code appears to be in the R2 release and the 3 fixes should be able to be applied to either version with equal effect. Later Service Pack installs will automatically un-do these fxes so no special efforts will be needed prior to implementing the SP4 Release that is alleged to be compatible with Windows 10.

That utility correctly

That utility correctly identifies my State (VIC) and Country (Australia).

The utility, as always, cannot correctly locate which suburb I am in - as the hybrid cable network is distributed over a wide area.

However, it is accurate in terms of which Country I am in - which is the point of this exercise.

Hi Weff, Thank you for the

Hi Weff,

Thank you for the response.

I can reproduce this problem by just installing either SSR 2013 R2 SP3 over the working SSR 2013 R2 SP2 (11.1.2) version or by installing the full SSR 2013 R2 SP3 version. I did however not try to first uninstall the SP2 Version. I did not do any other updates at same time.

I do not have Light Out Restore enabled and I do not have a License problem ? but can't create SDR (which is known). Even Backups are working successfull with SP2. SP2 was the version I had bevor I successfully upgraded from W8.1 to W10 (x64 German).

What is the CJM workaround?
Ist this the W10 License Fix (VProSvc.exe) which can be applied to SP3 only?

Bevor I try it again I would like to know how to fix the problem if it occurs again.

Is there any SSR logs I could look at more information (I did an offline Backup of the broken W10 machine)?


Hi DidiDave, I also did not

Hi DidiDave,

I also did not run into problems upgrading from W8.1 to W10.
SSR 2013 R2 SP2 worked fine after the upgrade.

The problem startet after I applied SSR 2013 R2 SP3 to the working SP2 version.
I restored a backup (boot from USB with SSR) I installed the full SSR 2013 R2 SP3 version and had same BSOD after the reboot.

I have not enable/Installed LightsOutRestore.

The WIN10 Fix can only appilied to SP3.


@ Martin, I have tried to

@ Martin,


I have tried to reply - but posts are being blocked at present


See private message sent

Yes - used the link you had

Yes - used the link you had just posted. 

Just tried from the office and had no issues, so somehow it must have identified my home broadband as being elsewhere, although I ran the IP Address check at home  and it reported as being in Victoria, Australia. A bit weird, but all sorted now :)


Well, I've been using Ghost

Well, I've been using Ghost for many years with absolutely no backup or recovery issues, upgraded to Win10 so had to leave Ghost behind and thought I'd try SSR R2 and it doesnt work with Wind10, tried the suggested work arounds and it still doesnt work.  I'm absolutely apalled at Symatec's level of support and commitment to resolving these issues they obviously dont care for their long standing loyal customers so I've now removed SSR R2 and gone with ACRONIS, which is easy to use and works perfectly with Win10

I went to Acronis for

I went to Acronis for awhile.  I had a support plan, and they have NO problem escalation.  If the problem is other than a client configuration issue, the support folks are polite and non-functional.  Support ends if it is anything other than your issue or more than 1st level support can deal with.  Worse, I had an upgrade available under my support contract, but did not try to upgrade until 2 days after my support contract expired.  I assumed I woudl still be able to download the product since it was released during my support period.  Nope.  Appeals fell on deaf ears, like all Acronis support.

I came back to Symantec, whose support personnel can escalate problems and are very good at finding the root cause.  The issue is they have no control over program development or progammers to fix the problems they identify.  These same-type issues are never even identified by Acronis support personnel.

Just tonight I called Veratas

Just tonight I called Veratas and spoke with a super nice person - we're all getting the shaft here and the product was sold to Veratas who was sold to an investment group which means they will sell it off likely so there will be next to ZERO fixes coming any time soon. 

For me personally Im going to move on after a bazillion years to because I NEED SOMETHING NOW and have been without a effing solution now for over 2 months!!!

Good news is they have higher versions. I want the product here to work but its clear the product has been trashed by corporate greed!


I'm told the attachment

I'm told the attachment download issue is now fixed, so you should not have any problems regardless of where you download from now.

Let me know if you see this issue again.

Seems the product is doomed. 

Seems the product is doomed.  I've been using ACRONIS for two weeks all backups scheduled, set and running like clockwork, I've experienced no issues with windows10, it does exactly what it says on the tin which is more than I can say for SSR

A real shame.  Windows 10

A real shame.  Windows 10 came out on 7/29.  SSR 2013 is still in limbo.  I switch all of my machines to Acronis TI 2016.  Works like a charm.  They supported Win 10 the day it went GA (actually before).

@ Weff, Could you please

@ Weff,

Could you please repost your message, I did not get the private message.

Thank you.


Yep DTS71 - been using

Yep DTS71 - been using Paragon since they forced us off ghost and onto this unsupported software. I have been holding out hope they will fix it but fear Veritas is going to shelve it.

Paragon doesn't have all the bells and whistles ssr does --- but it works with win10 ---- something ssr doesn't and probably won't.

Paragon doesn't have all the

Paragon doesn't have all the bells and whistles ssr does --- but it works with win10 ---- something ssr doesn't and probably won't.

Just to clarify - SSR will support Windows 10. Details are here: