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Beta testing for SP4 is going

Beta testing for SP4 is going to begin in November. Exciting news!

That is great Chris ---- but

That is great Chris ---- but a day late and a dollar short. You have lost thousands or tens of thousands I would bet, of customers because Symantec evidently didn't think Win10 was worth supporting at its introduction like just about every other software vendor but we are/were supposed to wait for you to catch up for several months while our computers go without backups? The "work arounds" worked but why should we the paying customer have to "work around" your software -- waiting for it to be updated while there are numerous others out there that think the customer deserves updated software?

I WAS a Norton/Symantec user since Peter Norton started - but after the Ghost fiasco and now this I am switching my computers and my customers to other products that think the customers deserve better and that is compatible right off the bat - not months later.

Hi gkeevash, Because the

Hi gkeevash,

Because the 'troubles' of a good working SSR in combination with W10 I'm searching for another backup program, you mentioned Acronis! Is this program working on more then one PC or do I have to order more licenses when I want to use this on 2 (or more) PC's?



Ditto Switched to Acronis TI


Switched to Acronis TI 2016 a month or so ago now and works beautifully

Also didn’t renew my Norton 360 license (after 5 plus years) because of the appalling way Symantec have managed this


Same here. Acronis is doing a

Same here. Acronis is doing a good job, this is goodbye to Norton for me. Dispite is was a wonderfull program but they stuck in time. Thanks for the many safyings in the past


Hi gkeevash, Because the

Hi gkeevash,

Because the 'troubles' of a good working SSR in combination with W10 I'm searching for another backup program, you mentioned Acronis! Is this program working on more then one PC or do I have to order more licenses when I want to use this on 2 (or more) PC's?



Two things are needed

Two things are needed here.

First, we should try to support Symantec and remembe rthey are just people too, subject to making errors, to being distracted by whatever factors led them to taking this long to get SSR 2013 supporting Win 10.  Of course business needs do govern so some people just can't wait around.  I'm fortunate that I only have one client with a single Win 10 PC that needs SSR now, but otherwise my clients can all wait. 


Second, Symantec needs to own up to this failure of market expectations and most importantly to put forth some kind of plan to reinstate customer confidence that they won't lag behind like this on the next iteration of a major Windows release.  Clearly any intelligent PM will recognize that this is hurting business.  There's no way to measure this loss accurately though as far as I can tell.  You can take feedback from places like here, along with tech support cases logged , but most grumblings won't be seen in these two data sources because most people that would complain about compatibility aren't going to see any logic in calling tech support about it.  All I can hope for is that management at Symantec "gets it", and doesn't need  convincing they they really do need to keep up with market norms on product releases for the next time around. 


But let's not forget one thing - Symantec has been one hell of a corporate mess in the past few years, two CEO's alone, but a lot of management shuffling too, and then this company split which is likely a good thing for them overall but will be disruptive in the meantime. 


So it's kiknd of expected that things are like this but we, the Symantec partners and customers, really need some kind of sense that Symantec will find a way to release in conjunction with major OS releases as others have been able to do.  Please :)

Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

Now SSR has become a Veritas product. I do have problem renewing my SSR 2013 desktop edition so it will be Windows 2010 ready. Veritas can not sell to firm outside USA, even if it is only renewal they do forward this to their partners to renew SSR, but there is no Veritas sales partner in my country and I do not have any sales relations with any of Veritas partners in UK. So I have send eMails and made phone calls to try to renew my SSR but no luck, Veritas/Symantec is probably going to loose one customer. Some ideas? After all this frustration I am trying Acronis.

What country are you in? This

What country are you in?

This may help:

Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

Hi Cris.

I am in Iceland and have used this link. I have tried to send email to partners in UK but no respond, perhaps as I did mention that I do not have any business relation with this company. For info I do have version I did also ask them about price for renewal as this is for personal computer (exchange for Ghost).

Licensing is not my area of

Licensing is not my area of expertise but perhaps the following will help:

Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

Hi Chris

Thanks for your help, I will try this links.

Chris, Do you have any idea


Do you have any idea if our Symantec accounts will be transferred to Veritas?

In SSR 2013, I just tried going to Help ==> Symantec Help Support.  I got a screen that had me install Vertas Assist.  Once in Veritas Assist, I had it do a Self Help Scan.  Not surprisingly, the scan failed saying the OS (Win10 Pro) is not supported.  At this point, it directed me to some Veritas documentation.  There was a screen that wanted me to log in to MyVeritas.  Just for grins, I tried my SymAccount login/PW, which failed.

So, what is the proper procedure here?  Will Symantec eventually transfer our SSR info over to Veritas?  I don't want to create a MyVeritas account myself because it will have no info about my existing SSR licenses, of which I have 3.

Any guidance here would be helpful.


Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

This is the straw that broke the camels back!

I have used Symantec products from the day they acquired Central Point Software PC Tools.

One product after another that I used quite routinely and successfully has died on the vine under Symantec:  PC Tools, WinFax, PCAnywhere, to name a few, and now Symantec System Recovery for which I have yet to find anything equal.

I am deeply frustrated that tomorrow is November 1 which is the day that Veritas is to be fully online and successor to Symantec's storage and  backup products.  This has now gone full circle from the days when Symantec acquired Drive Image from Power Quest followed by the acquistion of the original Veritas backup products.  The NEW Veritas is not ready for prime time as I have been trying to access various links on their web site only to find them dead ending.  In particular, has anyone here tried to open up a support case with Veritas?  As of 10 minutes ago, I could not.

Here is the deal.  Symantec System Recovery IS THE BEST backup product I have ever used with the greatest utility in dealing with crisis or simple single file restoration.  It has "saved my bacon" on numerous ocasions. 

About a month ago I did a test drive of both the Acronis TrueImage 2016 and Acronis Backup Advanced 11.5 (including cloud versions) because I was deeply concerned about the transition of SSR from Symantec to Veritas.  Today, I am glad I did.  I settled on Acronis TrueImage 2016 Cloud to have both onsite and remote backups of my systems.  I have also continued to run SSR as well.  Now here is the deal.  I have patiently been biding my time upgrading my systems from Windows 7 64 Pro/Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro. I finally migrated one system to Windows 10 Pro and sure enough, SSR won't run.  TrueImage is keeping protected.  But, the problems get worse, I download and installed SSR 2013 R2 SP3 on a different machine running Windows 7 64 Ultimate.  Now SSR 2013 R2 SP3 will not process any of my Recovery Point Set jobs - the error is "failure to presnap volumes."  I tried to revert to SP2, but the problem does not go away.  Now I have one Windows 7 and one Windows 10 system for which SSR does not work.  (There is a workaround on the Win 7 machine, SSR will do an independent full backup, but this is wasteful of both time and space as the it is a full backup of over 400 GB each time and must be MANUALLY run.)

What irks me most in this matter is the lack of transparency and honesty regarding the future of SSR/Veritas backup products.  It is clear Symantec has washed their hands of the product line, and it is equally clear that Veritas is not, and may never be ready for prime time.

I grow weary of watching products with superior utility die on the vine.  I speak of IBM OS/2, Palm/HP webOS, and yes, even BlackBerry10.  This forces me and many others to have to use so called "mainstream" mass-used but mediocre products in the future.  Acronis TrueImage will do the job for me, but it is not IMHO the equal of SSR.


SSR is the best backup

SSR is the best backup software that I have ever used. It has saved me numerious times.

I tried Acronis while waiting for this Windows 10 issue to resolve. Acronis creates backups that are much larger than SSR and this is an issue for me.

I only hope that SSR is not a dead product. I've never felt that it was marketed very well on the desktop, rarely seeing it reviewed against other products.

I am holding off updating my main sytem from windows 7 until SSR for Windows 10 is ready. My fear is that the free Windows 10 upgrade will expire before SSR is ready!


So still waiting for my SSR


So still waiting for my SSR r2 machines to get SP4 so I can resume backups. I called right after Win 10 was out and the problems began. You promised to call when SP4 was available.


WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. It is now November 2015.

How much future does Symantec need?

As stated here

As stated here (, support will be added next month.

You can subscribe to this article to get notified when SP4 is available.

Thanks cjm your

Thanks cjm your procedure worked just fine for me. After upgrading to Win 10, SSR 2013 became a trial version so I thought no big deal as I have had this happen before when restoring systems in Win 7. Like you it would not accept my license key. I followed your directions and SSR fired right up without asking for the key. I checked this morning and the scheduled backups are working and all files are accessible. One thing though, I did not upgrade to the newer version of SSR 2013 prior to or after upgrading to Win 10. Without actually doing a full restore I have to assume all is good. I am using SSR desktop edition V11.0.2.49853 Thanks again.


November 4, 2015 Just an update to my previous post. Having said previously that I would have to assume all is good after resolving the license key issue, but without a restore, it was mere speculation.

I was updating iTunes on my mother-in-law's system (Win 10) which called for a restart, well, wouldn't you know, the system would not start even after trying all the MS suggestions for Win 10.

I pulled out the SSR SRD I had created back in 2013 using Win 7, I easily started the system and restored the system (Win 10) successfully. A few updates later and it was and is operating just fine incliding iTunes. All programs and data were intact. I was using SSR desktop edition V11.0.2.49853 

Sometimes it pays not to upgrade either utility software or operating systems. I still use Win 7 on my business computers but have switched to Win 10 for personal stuff, I also use the latest Acronis True Image in addition to SSR. I stll like SSR as it has saved my butt a few times in the past.

Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

Today I switched over from SSR 2013R2 to Acronis True Image 2016, works great. So goodbye Symantec/Veritas.

Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

FYI now that Symantec and Veritas are seperate companies, I have been working on some issues we have. I have an email from our Veritas rep that he has confirmed from both Symantec and Veritas higher ups that ALL SSR pieces (even in my case the Altiris management piece) will be handled by Veritas tech support and not by Symantec.


for me We are waiting to go from CMS 7.5SP1 HF4 to CMS 7.6HF5 as we have a few Windows 10 machines in our environment but SSR-MS 2013 R2 does not support 7.6 HFx at this time.

but was told in Mid December that SSR 2013 R2 SP4 will be out and will a. install on Windows 10 and b. have a SSR-MS piece.


thought I would share in case anyone else is still working on this. For us EVERY version of Altiris we have to wait on SSR-MS. It is frustrating to have to wait. Last time we waited to go from 7.1 to 7.5 which by the time the SSR-MS piece was out CMS was up to 7.5 SP1 HF5 !!!!!