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Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

11.1.4 is live via the licensing portal. I was able to successfully download it. Got a 404 error trying to get to the page several times, but just hit back and retry about 3 times and it got me there.



Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?


I have the same problem with SSR 2013 version 11.02.49853. I have Windows 10 on my machine and  I can't put my key licence .

What is le solution ?



Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?


You need to download the SP4 version that just came out today. SP2 didn't support Windows 10 yet.

Let me know if that works for you. I downloaded SP4 today but cannot get it to install on Windows 10.




Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

I switchover a month ago from SSRD to Acronis True Image 2016 for the same issues with SSRD, this was the solution I waited so long. For the persons who are 'married' with Symantec/Veritas: Please divorse as soon as possible!!!!


Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

hello to all that are still waiting for notification that SSR 2013 r2 desktop edition upgrade to sp4 for use with windows 10.

currently running  -  SSR 2013 R2 ver desktop edition with windows 8.1 (test system).

it is now Dec 2015 and NOTHING seems to have changed with the lack of symantec / veritas support.

i have reviewed this entire thread and ALL of the suppot issues are still making it IMPOSSIBLE to cantact support.  i am to the point of dropping my use of SSR because I CAN'T GET ANY SUPPORT FOR THE PRODUCT. MAYBE IT'S TIME TO LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE !!!!

any chance that symantec / veritas will fix the support portal or give us a way to email support ??  SITTING ON HOLD ON THE PHONE - DOES NOT WORK !!!!

in any case  -  When will the notification that the upgrade to sp4 be made available ??

windows 10 has been generally available for almost 6 months.

a version of SSR for windows 10 should have been available on DAY 1 !!!!

it seems impossible to believe that symantec / veritas did not participate in the windows 10 test program and be ready from DAY ZERO with a working product !! 

without a vialble version of ssr for windows 10, i cannot even upgrade my test system to windows 10.




SSR 2013 R2 Desktop

SSR 2013 R2 Desktop Edition

Windows 10, 64bit, SP4 downloaded and installed OK.  All appears to be working OK post re-boot.

I now have Version installed.

Patch was found here:

Then click 'Attachments' on the right hand side.







Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

I guess that is good news?!  I finally found the release notes on the right side under "related articles" and then you can download the PDF attachment.  It says that it supports windows 10 which is great.  However I am installing this on a new hard drive.  So what version should I install in order to install this patch on top of it and where do I get it?  And did I read there were install issues on windows 10 so how does a patch you install after the install help wtih that? Also I noted that my Symantec forum login works here which is great....but are my license and serial number, maintenance agreements moved over also?  Thanks. 






Go to: Sign in

Go to:

Sign in using your Symantec credentials.

Then hit the Licensing tab (at the top), if you've a registered copy it will show up.

If you then select the hyperlinked 'Entitlement ID' serial number it should take you to the download area, then press the download button to the right of your current version and it should take you to the full download, and I think that is the download with the patch already integrated.



I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with SSR 2013 version 11.02.49853

This is SSR 2013, not 2013 R2. You MUST upgrade to R2 SP4 for Windows 10 support.


Hello everybody Thank for

Hello everybody

Thank for your responses

Good news now

To day  SS5 2013 is ok and I could activated my licence .

Here is how I proceeded :

1- I have copied and pasted the VproSvc -exe file ( 64 bits ) on C: Program /Symantec / agent instead of the old 

2- Put my key licence

Now , I could save my system Disk C and I continue with another internal Disk

I have always SSR 2013  Desktop Edition  ( vesrion 11.01.49853 ) and not SSR2013 R2

Nevertheless yesterday I had made the same thing and it had not worked, I do not understand why

It was not necessary to apply the solution of DarthMac and unstall the full download



I can't do and really undersatnd how to download the full version ( post of DarthMac )





I don't find Symantec

I don't find Symantec creddentials


About the solution given by

About the solution given by DarthMac ,  I forgot to say , that I tested yesterday the patch : The patches are not accepted .

To download the full version on Symantec web site , my serial  numeber is not reconized . I don't understand .


Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?


What version of SSR are you trying to upgrade, Symantec System Recovery 2013 or Symantec System Recovery 2013 'R2'?  If it's the former, it won't work, neither the patch nor your serial number will work, they are two different editions of the software. 

You'll need the 'R2' version for it to be compatible with Windows 10 and unfortunately if like me you had the original version (not R2) you'll have to purchase the software again to get the latest R2 version.


 Hello DarthMac I have SSR

 Hello DarthMac

I have SSR 2013 Edition Desktop  ( version 11.01..49853 ) not R2 .

For me , it is impossible to download the R2 version . Symantec refused my licence to download R2 version  ( see capture below )

I think it is anormal to pay again in order to use SSR 2013 with Windows 10 . I don't know the price , but if the problem continues , I know the solution ; I'm going to buy Acronis True Image 2016  which is simpler .

Could you give me the link to purchase the licence for R2 ?

Are sure that will sort out of this problem ?

I assure you that SSR 2013 works on my PC , but  when I ruN SSR 2013  I have an error message telling me that I have an old version . I click on " continue" and SSR 2013 is OK and I can save the Disks .


DarthMac, Have you tried


Have you tried creating a new SRD yet?

When I try, it tells me that I'm not running the latest operating system!

I'm running Windows 10, 64 bit, 1511 OS Build 10586.29




Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

Dear tech support:

I think you guys have a little bug to fix in regards to the SRD.

Even though I installed Windows 10 Pro 1511 from scratch, as well as all the updates via Windows Updates, I get an error message when trying to create the recovey disk using the TYPICAL option: "Not running latest operating system. Proceed only if you want to restore a Windows 8.1 machine/and other systems)

I take it that the fix will be released via LiveUpdate at some point. I hope it is soon.


Good evening everybody, My

Good evening everybody,

My system: Windows 10 PRO 64-bits Build 10586.29. I use Symantec Sysem Recovery 2013 R2 version.

I just downloaded the patch version because Liveupdate  not working and constantly tells me that my version is updated.
I launched this patch that puts the to version

Everything works perfectly.

I can again enter my license code
I can again create a Disk Recovery
I can start a backup.
I can restore this backup (for one with difficulty, during the restoration: My wireless mouse is not recognized but by connecting a USB mouse it works)

Small accuracies: You have to choose the BIOS dvdrom if you initiate the backup BIOS mode. On an ASUS motherboard, we must constantly press the F8 key during boot.

That good luck to all.



Congratulations pmaii I have

Congratulations pmaii

I have SSR 2013 VERSION 11.0.2 .49853  Unstalled on my PC runs Windows 64 bits - ugrade 1511 version .

SSR 2013 works and my key licence is accepted now . I  have saved to day my system disk C   and  2 others disks , D and E .

I have just an message when SSR 2013 is launched telling me :

You  try  to manage a computer containing a more recent version of the agent SSR 2013. If you continue , you risk  not to reach certain functions.....etc


But I 'll want to download the  SSR 2013 R2 from ftp web site of Symantec  , but I can't do that , because my key in not accepted . I don't know why ?

May be SSR 2013 had bougth 2 years ago and now it not supported and also I  have changed my System operating , Win7-> Win 10 and I have reunstalled SSR 2013 . During 10 days , my key licence was not valid and I was in trialware  of 60 days .

Do yo have a solution ?

It is always complcated with Symantec .

To morrow , I will inetnd to produce a recovery disk .



Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?


Your problem is you do not have the R2 to the base. You must therefore address this issue first. Go to the Veritas portal and open a question. They will answer you very quickly and if necessary, they will call you directly (if you have left your contact telephone).
Additional precision: The move to R2 costs nothing and you do not have to buy a new version, if your license is still valid maintenance.



I am aware we have an issue

I am aware we have an issue for upgrades from Win 8.1 (see here for details:

But you are saying you see this on a NEW install of Windows 10?