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Frank, All the details you


All the details you need are here (

The version you have is not (and will never be) supported with Windows 10. You need to upgrade to 2013 R2.

That figure you quoted does not sound right. It sounds like you have been quoted for the server edition of SSR.

For now, you could just download and install the trial version which will at least keep you going for 60 days -

Frank, Two things: 1.  In


Two things:

1.  In Windows 10, go to Start > Settings > Updates & Security > Reocvery, and in there you should see a button that allows you to roll back to Windows 7.  This process is actually quite reliable (in my experience and in reviews I've read) so where you'd think it was a typical MS-style half-assed utility it's pretty good. 


2.  But if you're sticking with Windows 10, if you need System Recovery then it will run you around $85-90 (Canadian).  I'm a reseller in Canada so I sell this product as my main standalone desktop-level recovery solution. 


A side note, your inabiliyty to boot might be that, by default, most OEM's set their BIOS to not treat the DVD as a first boot source.  I soret of assume you've changed that yet who knows, maybe after a firmware update you may have done maybe it reset to default. I know Lenovo is kind of dumb about their BIOS designs and they do tend to do stupid things like that sometimes.   

Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?

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Re: Windows 10? New software update for Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition?


Thanks for the information. I finally, well a couple months ago, was able  to purchase 4 copies of SSR 2013 R2 Desktop Edition. Three from Egghead and one through The latter was a surprise to me. The package was actually sent from a VAR in California. I was able to apply the purchased licenses to my Trial Installations without issue. Tracking down the product was not easy to say the least. I agree it seems that Individual Users were low on Veritas' list.

Joe T.

Re: Frank,All the details you

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