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I assume it was all working

I assume it was all working before upgrading to Windows 10?

Go to C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery\Utility and run the following executables:



This will create partinfo.txt and debug.txt - please attach these files and I will take a look.

I can't seem to open a

I can't seem to open a support case. Does everything have to be so difficult?

I get to the basic "create case."

In the drop down that I'm promised will begin to populate, I put SSR and on the next screen it now says Backup Exec.

It asks for version. I put 11. It won't let me continue.

I put 11.0.1.

I put 11.0.

I put  Nothing takes or will let me continue.

I have no idea why this it's necessary to institute a case, but I am certainly enjoying this process.

If you are having problems

If you are having problems opening a case online, please contact Customer Support:

Some of my customers have

Some of my customers have already switched away from SSr2 and others will follow. It was my company that persuaded them to use it.!

Some are also looking at switching away from Norton security software as they are losing faith in Symantec in general.

Non of my other software suppliers seemed to be unprepared for Windows 10.


It will be a long time till we recomend symantec to anyone. Do they know what they are doing to their reputation?

Chris, It happens when trying


It happens when trying to recover single or multiple files.

I tried this on another computer with similar results.

I also tried disabling AV. No effect.



Yes - why make everything so

Yes - why make everything so complicated...
Time is money!

The launch of Windows 10 was

The launch of Windows 10 was not a big surprise for Symantec...  

Any particular file type that

Any particular file type that causes this? I tested with a single pdf file.

Chris, I just noticed this in


I just noticed this in the Event Viewer if it's any help.

Log Name:      System
Source:        Virtual Disk Service
Date:          18/08/2015 12:46:24
Event ID:      9
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      alans-pc
Unexpected provider failure. Restarting the service may fix the problem. Error code: 8007001F@02000014



Are you saying you see this

Are you saying you see this event straight after attempting a restore (i.e. copy via the mounted recovery point)?

What about my previous question regarding file types?

Chris, Sorry for misleading


Sorry for misleading you slightly.

The event occurs before I attempt a copy.

Checking the Event Viewer again shows that the same event occurs every time I MOUNT or DISMOUNT the recovery point.

As for file types, I've tried lots of different ones and they all fail.

I haven't attempted .pdf's as I don't currently have any of those encrypted.



Again, could you tell me how

Again, could you tell me how to create a Tech Support case?


I go to the field and it asks for a product name. I put in SSR

It doesn't know what that is!

I put in SSR 2013. It doesn't know what that is either.

I put in "Symantec System Recovery" It doesn't know what that is either.

I put in System Recovery--it doesn't know what that is either, populating the field with irrelevant choices.


So, I need tech support. I need to open a case. A case can't be opened.  I open a chat window. "Everyone's busy." IS there a special tech support dept where you can actually get support on how to get support?


Meanwhile other irregularities have begun to appear:

I try to make a C: backup and it tells me there is not enough space to maintain an image snapshot on Volume C:, Error code


there's not enough space? I have a 173gb C: drive with 1tb total space. How can there not be enough space?

The backup drive, btw, also has about 2tb free.


Sorry to hear of these

Sorry to hear of these problems. All I would suggest is that you phone into support to open your case:

Not sure what to suggest then

Not sure what to suggest then as I do not see a problem with this here.

Where are you restoring the files to? Back to original location? Different volume? What is the volume type you are restoring to?

Are these large files? More details are needed in order to narrow this down ...

Experiencing same problem

Experiencing same problem with creating online a case.

I just phoned and after 20 minutes I got a case created. 

Product System Recovery Desktop Edition, as it seems to be known within Symantec, is not listed either on the create case form. Calling by phone seems the only possibility at the moment, how inefficient it may be.

BTW @Chris: thanks for updating


Chris, First of all I think


First of all I think that the Virtual Disk Service error is a red herring as the other computer (which is running the same version of SSR R2 on Windows 10) doesn't show that error and yet still fails to copy.

The volume is a standard Basic, GPT in a Dell XPS 8700. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Tried copying the files to the original location and several other folders and the desktop.

Unencrypted files copy OK to all those different locations but encrypted ones don't.

All the files tried are relatively small e.g. <5MB

Also I have tried mounting a Windows System Image backup and successfully copied encrypted files from that.

Could anyone else please try this to see if you get the same results?



I am just wondering which

I am just wondering which version of SSR 2013 R2 that people here are running.

It was only by chance that I noticed recently that a new Service Pack SP3 was released for SSR 2013 R2 - so the actual release level I am using is SSR 2013 R2.3

The actual version for SSR 2013 R2.3 (which is SP3)  is and the install files will include this in their names.

The Service Packs aren't downloaded by LiveUpdate as they seem to be released only by FileConnect provided that you have a valid Maintenance License for the current year.

So I installed SP3 a few days ago before deciding to try out Windows 10 via an upgrade and then also create a secondary clean install of Windows 10 before then taking the option to revert Windows 10 back to Windows 8.1 - which was supposed to be a valid option for 30 days.

When I went to revert the desktop after only 3 days the Windows 10 upgrade procedure had somehow chosen to delete the needed Win 8.1 files I needed for the reversion - so it was either restore to my last SSR backup or try and find  a way to restore the SSR 2013 R2 licenses or select a replacement Backup/Restore system.

Thanks to cjm I now have working license, and following the same technique I managed to get the SRD Creator Wizard to work on Win10 for the laptop that needed an SRD disk as I only just bought its SSR 2013 R2 licenses this last weekend.

Despite the issues I had with getting the new SRD iso to work on Win10 I have a fairly vanilla system - no encryption, no software RAID, no special disk attributes - so that may explain why I've not had any issues with the 2 backups I've done on Windows 10.

I have also used the Recovery point browser to check out my latest backup - and within the limits of the functions that I was using under Windows 8.1 I don't expect to have any issues with the workaround running under Windows 10.

For most people in a home environment that should also be the case.

For Business users none of the core systems should even be on Windows 10 yet and I expect most will be on Windows 7 still as Windows 8.1 wasn't that Business friendly. Unless there is 100% Syamntec Support for SSR 2013 R2.SP5 (?) running on Windows 10 I would be very wary about upgrading - a major disk fault could leave you with unusable backups that won't restore because of some strange problem.

So for anyone having issues with their SSR 2013 R2 environment under Windows 10 - I'd check that you have the latest Service pack as that could possibly even fix the problems you are having - especially if you were running ok under Windows 8.1 prior to upgrading.


I had similar issues

I had similar issues attempting to raise a technical Support case on  4th November 2014 (AU time) - not knowing the version number , or the actual product name.

I eventually made it a Customer Support case - explained the issue and that the form didn't have fields I wanted and they fixed it for me as I didn't see the point making an International phone call when it wasn't super ciritical.

When I tried entering a test technical support case a few days later (after the Support people insisting the values I was expecting were in the system)  - except they never got presented to me on the initial night - but 2 days later the form presented to me was completely different and all the options Support had told me were now in the form.

The apparent reason then was that when I first tried I was routed to a Support server with the wrong version files - probably becasue the primary servers were down for backups or updates or communications issues.

That appears to be happening again - and if you try entering in the fields for a new case (without submitting it)  later this week you will likely be able to enter it in correctly.

I have a couple of maintenace contracts for SSR 2013 R2 - their name in the Entitlements page is now SYMC SYSTEM RECOVERY DESKTOP - so if the form was correct maybe that value would work.

Its quite disturbing that a supposed one-off error not being able to enter a Technical Support Case is happening yet again.

The name last time was System Recovery Desktop - made it difficult to find the name as I was always entering symantec and never finding it.

Sorry, but I just can't spend

Sorry, but I just can't spend more time on this. I do think Symantec has somewhat better software than Acronis, but the levels of bureaucracy every time there is a problem are astonishing.

First, there is no reason whatsoever why we should have to "open a case." A company looking to fix things makes a patch downloadable and announces a link. Symantec requires more layers of redundant activity. Second, how silly is it that I can't actually open such a case because the drop down list doesn't populate and until it does correctly you can't submit? Really...then I tell a tech support guy in a forum about the problem--and it doesn't get resolved, just punted to yet another department. Note that someone else in this thread said they called up and were on the phone for 20 minutes.

This is not the first time I've had similar problems with Symantec support. All I can say is that it always leaves me with the impression that the intent is to make it so obscure and difficult to obtain that the user goes away.  I'm playing with Acronis. We'll see where that goes.


My commiseration. You have

My commiseration. You have more patience than I. I give up.