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Just got a trial version of

Just got a trial version of Symantec System Recovery 2013 and it doesn't back up system image on Windows 10. When will Windows 10 be supported ? I am able to backup files only.

@ mluna20, I still have a

@ mluna20,

I still have a year to go on Support for 2 PC's and just purchased 2 years support for another PC the day I upgraded them to Windows 10 and discovered the license bug ... was not at all happy.

Fortunately CJM came out with the license fix around the same time to get SSR 2013 R2 SP3 working.

Since then there is now the simple fix to enable SRD CreationWizard - and if you are amongst the PC configurations that is unable to successfuly run the SRD Creator in Typical mode - there is a further simple fix to ensure the created SRD disk in Advanced mode includes oledlg,dll within its system image files which would otherwise prevent the SRD disk from booting fully.

I don't want to drop SSR 2013 R2 for the sake of a few simple changes.

Within a short while SP4 will be released and we will have  a fully working SSR 2013 R2 under Windows 10 - but it is useful to be able to have SSR fully functional in the interim.

I very much doubt that Symantec will refund support payments you've made - and considering the amount you've outlayed - at least try including these simple fixes which should get you back fully operational under Windows 10 inside 10 minutes.

At least you will then also be able to get your money's worth by being able to then successfully use SSR 2013 R2 SP3 under Windows 10 while your support contract is still valid.

And if things don't work out - then you always have the option to pay again to get another backup program.

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Slow File and Folder backups

Slow File and Folder backups under Windows 10 ...I may have confused things by mistake.

For anyone that has applied the simple fixes under Windows 10 I would like to know what the throughput of the File and Folder backup is like ?

While I have had no issues with the speed of creating a system image of the C drive - I cannot say the same for trying to make run a default backup of the File and Folder backup job that is in the options menu.

It now seems to take hours to run its full Backups - and a lot of the time is spent copying the entirety of \users \<my identity>\Documents\all-subfolders  (which includes all the applications local data files) which is one of the primary selection options. If you add music, pictures, videos then that covers the majority of the other files on C: drive - although it does, by default exclude all of \Windows, \Program Files\, \temp etc.

From memory - under Windows 8.1 it zipped through the majority of the selections - now it seems to go at a rate of 1-2 secs per directory contents. From memoey when I performed that Job under Windows 8.1 Files and Folders was complete within 15-20 mins - about the same ime as the full system Image, and it would zip through the various directories as most contained little of consequence.

One thing that I might have done at the weekend to impact SSR is that I moved all the backups to another disk at the weekend - possibly I have confused it as I made the move outside SSR. Perhaps I should put the files back where they were - and then use SSR to move them to where I wantso they will be aligned again.

Has anyone had any experience with the impact of moving backups to anther disk the wrong way ?

weff Many thanks for this


Many thanks for this interim solution.  I've overcome the licence issue (many thanks to cjm) and tried your solution by trying to create the SRD in Typical mode but failed with a couple of errors:

ECA3232B: OS code received from INF file for Driver 'ntarm64'.

ECA3232C: Failed to parse driver compatible operating system version for driver 'ndisuio.inf'.

To overcome this should I download the Windows ADK package and run in Advanced mode (I live out in the sticks and it'll take me half a day to download it!).


Many thanks

Im going to wait it out,

Im going to wait it out, There will be a SP4 and Symantic could have better planned the Win 10 rollout.

I think Symantec/Veritas

I think Symantec/Veritas seriously underestimated the numbers that would immediately move to Win 10.  When 8/8.1 came out you will notice there was much less "reaction" to Symantec being late with the upgrades. They had breathing room.  Also, the SSR group was not the only group in Symantec that was late.  Win 8 had a bad reputation and businesses stayed on Win 7.  As an IT guy, I try to be cutting edge with my own machines to stay on top of the current technology so I will always try to be a front runner. Our business had no need or desire to move off Win 7.

Win 10 appears to be a different story. Millions have already upgraded. Hopefully Veritas will learn from this.  As I mentioned in a prior post, Win 10 will be a moving target and Veritas needs to stay on top of it.


Quick update.  I installed

Quick update.  I installed Windows ADK and ran the SRD Module in Advanced mode - it worked a treat.  Also installed Lights Out Recovery, then tested each doing a full system recovery, both worked fine. 


Thank you.

Krammeti:  Symantec

Krammeti:  Symantec unfortunately has a bit of a history of taking a long time to come out with updates that make their products compatible with current products from Microsoft.  I honestly don't know if this is normal behavrior for all vendors of Symantec's calibre since I only deal with Symantec for security and backup/DR products, but it's nonetheless quite troublesome not to be able to move foward with OS or server deployment proejcts due solely to lack of support from either a security or backup product. 




It worked for me, too! Thank

It worked for me, too!

Thank you. 



I want to add my voice to the

I want to add my voice to the claiming chorus about the Windows update to Windows 10 and Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition v Since this update my SSR has turned to a 60 days test program and declares that my licence is no more accepted. Nevertheless it goes on doing the backups which were programmed under Windows 8.1 ! Symantec does not answer to my questions about a future update for SSR: this may be considered as beeing inacceptable. :)

The license fix is available

The license fix is available here:

Hi Chris - I've opened two

Hi Chris - I've opened two tickets (09392454 & 09401128) to be turned away or told to install SR2 Trial ver  I've tried the license fix as well but it didn't work.  My paid product expires in 52 days.  Be nice to continue making reoccurring file backups while you guys figure out a Win 10 solution.  Thanks for the help.

Chris, When the dust settles,


When the dust settles, what is the "official" way upgrading to a new version (SSR2013-R2-SP4 or SSR2013-R3 or SSR2015) is supposed to work?

My expectation would be: IF my current version (is within the original 1 year maintenance period) OR (is within a successive maintence period [for those with extended maintenance]) THEN download the new version, install it and it works under the original license key.

Is there, somewhere, somthing that spells this out?


SP4 is just a service pack.

SP4 is just a service pack. If you are already on R2 (any service pack level), you will get SP4 by running LiveUpdate when it's available.

Maintenance does not come into this as it's just a service pack for R2. Hope this helps.

It looks like those cases

It looks like those cases were closed because your support contract has expired.

The second case mentions version 11.0.2 which is NOT R2. This probably explains why the license fix did not work. You must have 2013 R2 SP3 (in help/about, the version should show 11.1.3) - all details here:

Ok Chris, I just installed

Ok Chris, I just installed and got this message when I entered my license key for my orginal version::

-Info 6C8F1C25: Cannot activate this product using license key 00-E303-9901-004990. The license key is not valid.

Please enter the correct license key.
--Error EC8F17C8: Invalid serial number: 00E3039901004990.



any suggestions as on how of correct this.


From: unpeujuste To:Chris

From: unpeujuste

To:Chris Riley,

I want to warmly thank you for your suggestion: I have installed to fix the licence issue which appears after updating Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. First I was obliged to update my SSR to version 55088. Of course it was prescribed to stop the VPro service before copying the new VProSvc and then, restart the Vpro service ! I am happy. :)




Hi Chris, Thanks the the

Hi Chris, Thanks the the reply.  Installed 11.1.3, followed the tech doc and my licensee key still comes up as invalid?  Thanks

I want to confirm that, after

I want to confirm that, after updating my SSR to version, the fix proposed in TECH231698 solved my licence problem: many thanks. :)

Hallo, after using and


after using and selling Symantec and Norton products for more than 3 decades I am quite disappointed of a company as Symantec.

First issue: In case of an obvious problem (such as compatibility with Win10) YOU DON'T have to create a case as customer. Symantec as to set it as a general case which has to be solved! Basta!. A company has to be able to see those impacts before anybody run upon.

Second issue: Win10 was in preview for over one year. Time enough for all other companies to solve their problems. Was Symantec on holyday or so???

Third issue: Thanks to cgm. Work-around worked fine to all my customer also with recorvery. I would expect this kind of work-around from Symantec as a first support state.

I hope Symantec will take a lesson of all the comments and start as supposed from all Software companies with a schedule inclusive an issue-stop for major updates or versions. After this issue-stop, Symantec could state in a newsletter what the next update will bring, this would help customer to schedule their updates.