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X64 Bit Snapshot error

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I just got System Recovery 2013 R2 to Backup 60 computers (mostly Dell) I have been able to load the agend and Make a backup on 4 PC's but there are a couple that fail. 

This one I am concerned with here is a Windows 7 Dell  64 bit tower with a raid 1 disk set with 2 partitions C:\ D:\. When I run the backup it runs all the way to the end .then gets an error ('Error E0BB00B5: Snapshot error Error)  Symsnap couldn't make a snapshot. Something to do with VSS. I found and tried a few technical procedures and forum entries. I tried. tried defragging both partitions and ran it a one time backup.  On partition D: it ran and finished fine. The C: partition still fails after defragging and installation updates. I also tried to run Vss procedured in one of the technical docs .

Technical document TECH125517 Has a procedure using endpoint protection.

Another has a CMD procedure to register a vss dll . But the 64 bit does not have that registry key in the specified  drivers folder. I can't seem to locate the document right now but it was for BESR  

I ran BESR 8.5 and it ran without issues( all I had before upgrading) never tried to restore it , Not sure it would work. I still have some XP boxes I still use BESR on. 

Last error I got was Snapshot error %1.
--Error EBAB03F1: Following Operating System error occurred while performing requested operation: 'OS error 2147754994.'

This was when trying to just backup C: Partition.

Thanks for the Help 





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Symsnap was the propietary VSS Provider used by BESR 8.5, which is no longer used. SSR 2013 R2 uses the Microsoft VSS Provider. It sounds like the upgrade went awry and bits of 8.5 are still present. (The Symantec SymSnap Service should not be present or running after the upgrade). Run SSR 2013 R2 setup again (Run as administrator) and choose the REPAIR option.

The XP machine errors indicate it may also be a similar issue.  Try the same steps as above. 

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Going to try IT management suite to install the agent and make backups and maybe that will solve the deployment of the agent problem I am having. 

I am unistalling all the Old BESR before installing the agend  

Is the IT Manager the same as SRR2 manager? All I found was the monitor? 

Thanks for your help. I will go try some things and get back on here and update this thread




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SSR Monitor a tool for monitoring installations of SSR. It's ideal for installaiton of < 100 machines. if you're looking for a more rebust tool for full remote capability, that tool IS SSR MS 2013 R2. ( Both ITMS and SSR MS are separate solutions, though they both run on the Symantec Management Platform.

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I am trying this today  System Recovery
2013 Management Solution  This seems to be working so far.

I tried using the Monitor but it wouldn't deploy the agents on most computers I was having to go to each machine to try to install it. Some would, a few wouldn't install at all. 

The 2013 Management solution hasn't missed downloading the agent. I deployed the agent to one of the computers that it wouldn't deploy from the monitor. It deployed successful . 

The Endpoint was too much for what we need.

If I am able to backup and restore several computers in the next few days I will mark as a solution