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authentification when connecting an agent

Level 3

what we've done:

installed backup exec system recovery 8.5 from cd on a workstation (winxp) and got the latest liveupdates.

then we have implemented an agent on another machine (also winxp). after that we wanted to connect the agent. 

whats the problem:

during the connection there comes up a "network authentication". no username/passwd (which is us well known) does match the dialog. so we can't manage the agent.


there is no firewall running on the agent's system or between these stations.

we have also tried to reinstall both applications - same thing.


we need support now =)


Level 5
Make sure you are able to ping from one server to another in windows cmd prompt.

Level 3

hello =)


the servers can reach itself via ping.

news: we had another device with the same "authentication-popup" and here the local administratoraccount was working. 

which data are actually demanded here?

Level 3
hello again

does somebody have new ideas ?
situation is the same as described in my first post..

Level 4
So its almost like a username and password for a network share dialog appearing.

Have a look on the client for any such local username and passwords.

Level 3
i really tried all the local accounts and also the network ones (domain).
in addition i carried out the service also under a known user.
we have another machine with the same effect - to be sure windows 2000 server runs there.

Level 3
is there no workaround for that ?
can i set the account under which the services will be running ?

what would be the next step - contact support hotline ?