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backup and restore uefi system with SSR2013

Level 2

Does any one have a soultion to taking a backup of a uefi based system with SSR2013?

I have a few Asus VivioLaptops. I took a backup and tried to restore it to another and lost all BIOS setup.

Any type of help would be greatful!


Level 6
Employee Accredited

Well with SSR a UEFI enabled system can be restored to a UEFI machine and a BIOS can be restored to a BIOS machine .

So will request you to perform a restore of a UEFI enabled machine to UEFI based system

Level 2


SSR Desktop 2013 on Ultrabook

  • UEFI Windows 8 Lenovo Ultrabook WITHOUT internal optical drive
  • Disk locked unexpectedly
  • Manufacturer states disk is lost - only factory reset is possible
  • Unable to exchange HDDs because warranty will be invalidated

Trying to recover system (or files)

  • Connecting external USB optical drive for Symantec Recovery Disk
  • UEFI in BIOS fails to recognise USB optical device
  • LEGACY SUPPORT allows optical device to be recognised (I assume the same goes for USB flash disks)
  • SSR runs but refuses to use backup because it is a UEFI backup and at that point it is being run on a BIOS/Legacy machine

Extra points

This situation is not covered in the documentation. Can I verify if my data are ok? How can I restore a UEFI backup to a system that needs to be on Legacy mode to recognize my recovery CD or flash drive?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

George Thalassinos