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backup and restore using Agent for Oracle

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My site uses Backup Exec 9.1 with Agent for Oracle.
After a successful backup of the Oracle database, when I restore one of the files to a different location, the restored file name contains the full path name in the file name.
For example, lets say the oracle file belons to tablespace TABSPACE1 and the file is at G:\DIR1\DIR2\FILE1.EXT So the datafile name is FILE1.EXT in G drive.
When I backup and then restore with "Redirect File Sets" to E: drive, what I get is
It creates a directory for the tablespace name and creates a datafile whose name is the entire path+original file name.

Obviously, I cannot use this to recover the database!

Level 4
Hi Martin,

Please, I think that you need to post question to Backup Exec 9 forum. This forum is for Backup Exec System Recovery - system recovery solutions - not related to Backup Exec (well, it is backup solutions, but image based).

Sincerely yours,
Vladimir Vucinic