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Useful Veritas System Recover 22 - Links

Release Notes for Veritas System Recovery 22 : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Readme : v22.0Veritas System Recovery 22 Licensing Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 User's Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Manager Readme : v22.0Veritas™...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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'How To' videos for Veritas System Recovery (VSR)

How to backup to Azure using Veritas System Recovery: How to backup to Amazon S3 using Veritas System Recovery: How to perform a Bare Metal restore using Veritas ...

criley by Moderator
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Resolved! Creating Recovery Point Error - what does this error mean?

I am trying to run a Recovery Point backup, and I am getting the following error: Error E7C3000F: Device \\?\SymantecSnapshot0 cannot read 8264 sectors starting at LBA 36234528. I thought maybe my hard drive had bad sectors, but I have run checkdisk ...

kse_eug by Level 2
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Creating Recovery Point Error - Canot Read Source?

I am trying to create a recovery point and consistently get the error message below.  I can successfully run a My Documents backup.  I have run chkdsk /f on the volume I am try to create the recovery point for.  What else should I try? Error EC8F17B7...

kse_eug by Level 2
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BESR 2010 - Wont Backup D and H Partition

Good afternoon, We recently purchased a new Dell PowerEdge R610 server with 6 - 143 gig drives in Raid. The server came with the array already created. We then created 3 partitions using the WIndows Server 08 R2 installation disk. C: - 60 gigs D: - 1...

Resolved! SSR 2011 Management Solution: resource target

In the document "Symantec System Recovery 2011 Management Solution: Technical FAQ" i found the following question: 6. What is a resource target in the context of the Symantec Management Platform? A resource target is essentially a dynamic way of targ...

Dirk_Ehlers by Level 3
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Resolved! Where do I find JobID?

I'm looking at the SSR 2011 sample script CreateIncrementalImage.vbs as a possible model to help manage laptop backups.  The script identifies the job to be run by using a job id. Where do I find the job id for a backup job that I have created?  Is t...

v2icreate Exit Codes?

Hello, we've been using SSR 2011 for a little while to backup some of our machines. When the backup succeeds, we get a return (exit) code of "0". What I'm wondering is what other exit codes we might encounter? For whatever reason we've recently seen ...

Resolved! Can file and folder backups be incremental??

A question similar to this was posted back in February with two conflicting answers, and the discussion was closed due to inactivity later.  So, I am hoping to find out once and for all if the File and Folder backup in Symantec System Recovery Server...

MJFranek by Not applicable
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Getting SSR 2011 to use only Recovery point set

Hi People, I have an issue with an SSR 2011 deployment on one of my servers. I initially configured it to use Recovery point set. This was working fine until i saw an alert that one of the drives did no have a defined job. Though the drive was alread...

Nene by Level 6
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Backup solution

Dear Team , We want to go for a backup solution in our organization . For which we want to know which backup solution will suit prefectly . At present we are having more than 40server which are suppose to be backed up daily , weekly ,and monthly . We...

Raritan by Level 4
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The location of vsnap.idx

Do you know where "vsnap.idx" is located? vsnap.idx file is not located in  the root of the drive(s) being backed up. To find this file, firstly, I change the folder options to "Show hidden files and folders". Secondly, using "attrib -r" command. Bu...

Junghui by Level 2
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When under investigating SSRMS will be resolved

"Unable to access 'Manage Tasks' section of console in SSRMS" is reported frequently. It is already reported in Knowledge Base as   This issue is under investigating by Symant...

Junghui by Level 2
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SSR 2011 and Fusion io drives

Hello, I have a server running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise SP1 with 2 Fusion io drives (, set up as dynamic disks and mirrored in Windows. I had one inexplicable server reboot during an incremental backup this morning.  Now I have...

NeilB by Level 4
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Symantec System Recovery 2011 server vs desktop ???

Hello, We plan to implement the desktop version to some smaller customer and thus I downloaded the trialware for testing purpose. I am yet to find the difference between both except the HUGE price difference. Is it possible both trialware share the s...

CarruS by Level 2
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More schedule options for second backup set...

Hi All, We run a single backup job on most of our sites. A custom weekly with a full on Sunday night with daily incrementals to catch up. This works fine. On some of our sites we like to run a quarterly image based backup job that we like to sync wit...