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Useful Veritas System Recover 22 - Links

Release Notes for Veritas System Recovery 22 : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Readme : v22.0Veritas System Recovery 22 Licensing Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 User's Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Manager Readme : v22.0Veritas™...

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'How To' videos for Veritas System Recovery (VSR)

How to backup to Azure using Veritas System Recovery: How to backup to Amazon S3 using Veritas System Recovery: How to perform a Bare Metal restore using Veritas ...

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Advanced Server Suite Qs

Hey all,Recently purchased the livestate recovery advanced server suite. I also have the LRAS implementation guide and the Recovery Manager implementation guide.However I cant seem to get this product off the ground. All im trying to do is set up tak...

LSR Manager 6: Problems deploying agent to Windows 2000

There are sometimes when you try to deploy an agent to a Windows 2000 and you receive an error. This is related to a communication problem between the LSRM Server and the client.In Windows 2000 you have the possibility to disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP....

Live State Vs Ghost Suite

Okay, I'm not too knowledgable on the subject, but I know that Live State is used for Disaster Recovery for servers and the such. Our company just purchased Live State Desktop edition and Ghost Solution Suite v1.0. Does anyone know the fundamental di...

LSR and NAS device

I am using LSR 3 advanced server suite. I can successfully create an LSR image on a NAS Server device I have (Buffalo technology 1GB terastation) using the NAS device name in a urn (\\bu-os3-01\backup\livestate). I cannot however, access the NAS de...

LiveState Recovery 6.0 and Windows 2003 64x R2

I have a problem. I know that LiveState Recovery is not officialy supported with Windows 2003 64x but I need to create a Recovery Point for my Server. Is it possible to install LiveState Recovery 6.0 with the new GEAR's Driver for Intel 64x (I can do...

LiveState Recovery Advanced Server 6.0 Hangs

I am using Symantec LiveState Recovery Advanced Server 6.0 with the LiveState Recovery Manager 6.0. I've configured 8 servers to create base recovery points each Sunday at 10:00 PM with incrementals Mon-Sat. Every Monday when I check the status of th...

LiveState 6.01 Agent install

I'm attempting to install the Agent for Livestate 6.01 on a couple of computers running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. Whenever I run the Agent installer I get the error "Unsupported property value." After a search of the Symantec forums the only ...

Livestate discovering computers

HelloWe have livestate recovery, but have not got it working so far. First we installed it on a windows 2003, opened the ports in the firewall. Then we discovered computers, it fund them, and then we added them to managed computers, it all went as it...

Livestate Advanced Server 3.0 Hangs Server

Hi,I am using Livestate advanced server 3.0 on a number of server 2003 machines.I have a problem whereby the servers will hang during the "creating backup file" stage of making a restore point.This only happens when creating the backup to a network l...