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Useful Veritas System Recover 22 - Links

Release Notes for Veritas System Recovery 22 : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Readme : v22.0Veritas System Recovery 22 Licensing Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 User's Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Manager Readme : v22.0Veritas™...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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'How To' videos for Veritas System Recovery (VSR)

How to backup to Azure using Veritas System Recovery: How to backup to Amazon S3 using Veritas System Recovery: How to perform a Bare Metal restore using Veritas ...

criley by Moderator
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Resolved! Veritas System Recovery 18 Query?

Hello I have 2 questions on Veritas SR 18:1. we are planning to use azure storage with SR 18. Does SR18 supports creating a copy on prem and duplicate in cloud(azure) which is D2D2C?2. Does SR 18 comes with built in cloud connector from the licensing...

Is System Recovery Still an Active Product?

I was a user of System Recovery for a number of years but dropped it a couple of years ago. I wanted to revisit it to see what may have changed in the  time I was no longer using it. However, when I look at the product listing from Veritas, I see no ...

Hans05 by Level 4
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Join us for our first Hey, AVA session to Ask Veritas Anything

Led by a panel of Veritas subject matter experts, our upcoming Hey, AVA session on VOX will provide you the opportunity to Ask Veritas Anything.   The first Hey, AVA session will take place between 10 a.m. PDT on June 20 and 5 p.m. PDT on June 21, af...

Richelle by Community Manager
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Troubleshooting Exit code 1 on installation/upgarde

So, I am trying to upgrade VSR on all my systems to SP3. On most of them worked well, however I am unable to upgrade VSR on the system running the amnagement itsself. i don't know if this is a coincidence or not.I am getting exit code 1 if I look in ...

ges87 by Level 5
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recovery size problem

I backed up a 500 GB drive on my new Windows 10 desktop computer.  The backup contains 100 GB of data.  I am trying to restore the data to a laptop with a 150GB harddrive. However, I am getting this error message: "The selected destination is too sma...

dave221 by Level 3
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Cannot delete Missing Recovery Points

We are running Veritas System Recovery 16. For some reason I can see 6 Recovery Points that have a Missing status. I could not delete them. I selected them and clicked on Delete but that did not help. I even tried the Clean Up button, but also to no ...

VSR Agent auf einem Client aktualisieren

Servus zusammen,wie kann man denn einen Agenten auf einem Client PC per Remote von der Veritas System Recovery Console auf einem Small Business Server 2011 aktualisieren. Der Agent auf dem Client PC ist schon installiert in der Version 18.0.0. Jetzt ...

Unable to open support case

I am unable to create support case. I have filled technical case - mayor impact - product, OS- versionsubject, description,prompted for possible solution, selected open caseselected my entilement, clicked submit - nothing happens

ges87 by Level 5
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ONe Time Virtual Conversion Wizard

so I have done backups of physical machines and restored them in a VM. I saw this option and decided to try it; however, I cant get past the initial part... 

Riggzie by Level 4
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Resolved! Where exactly is SSRINST.HTM (Install log) located?

DISCLAIMER: I know nothing about VSR, but need to try and assist a customer with VSR 18 installation issues on Windows Server 2016. Seems the installation starts, but then goes into a hang state. No progress and no error either. I found several TNs r...

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! VSR-MS performance issue?

I'm not too familiar with VSR18-MS (Management Solutions) so I'd appreciate any advice on this. A partner of mine is testing VSR18-MS on Windows Server 2016 distributing backup policies to remote machines that have VSR18 installed. When they do thing...

SSR 18 - Any best practices for P2V restore?

I have created full system back-ups of various Windows 10 computers before upgrading them from Home to Pro using VSR 18.I now need to test migrating those computers from Workgroup to Domain and plan to use ForensiT to accomplish this.I am hoping that...

kahml by Level 4
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Volume Alert in Veritas Management Solution

so while looking through options today, I saw this and enabled it. I just dont now where I can actually see what this does. Any insight greatly appreciated...from Veritas™SystemRecovery 18 Management Solution Administrator's GuideChangeshowVeritasSys...

Riggzie by Level 4
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Resolved! System Recovery 16 to 18 upgrade procedures

I am currently running Veritas System Recovery 16 Desktop edition on Windows 10 and want to upgrade to the current version 18 (18.03.57044) version. I have downloaded the current version from my license login.Can I just install over my old version an...

BJB by Level 5
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Veritas System Recovery Desktop referral

I have used System Recovery and its predecessors for many years.  I have an acquaintance who is very technical and I was recommending System Recovery for Desktop for home PC windows backup use.They brought up some of the commonly used paid and free a...

BJB by Level 5
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Resolved! VSR-L failed to backup

Can the backup fail when the OS NATIVE DEVICE changes? ex.)/dev/sda -> /dev/sdis   (root space) System Info.OS : Redhat Linux 6.3VSR : VSR-L 18 

VSR-MS 18 Sp3 failing to install

I had the beta on my server (dev environment) and i dl the new zip, extracted and pointed SIM to it. It went to install but then i received the following error... 

Riggzie by Level 4
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