cannot retrieve backup job properties

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Re: cannot retrieve backup job properties

Two things that you may want to try:
(1) Reinstall following these specific instructions
(2) Verify permissions of the Documents and settings sub-folder
Please let the forums know if this works for you...thanks
Be sure that this install method is done locally; not through a TS or RDP session.
- Uninstall current install of BESR 8.0 from add & remove programs
- Run the uninstall batch file for version 8.0 obtained from the following link:
(BESR 8 Uninstall.bat) Backup Exec System Recovery 8 uninstall.bat
 - Reboot
 - Insert the product CD into the system, and locally login with a domain admin user account  ('NOT' through a RDP or TS session) open a command prompt window; must be in admin console if this is a Terminal Services server.
 - In the command prompt type: at hh::mm /interactive cmd.exe Where hh:mm is one minute or more in the future.
 - In the command prompt window that opens, type the following:
<DRIVE-LETTER>:\Install\Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery.msi pqpush=y ; where drive letter is the letter assigned to the CD/DVD drive the BESR product is installed.
- Follow through the install wizard and reboot.
- Reboot a second time and see if you are able to still create an image beyond 6%
- If successful, reboot back into normal startup mode.
Verify that Documents and Settings has Local Administrator and SYSTEM permissions set to Full Control and propagate inheritance.

Re: cannot retrieve backup job properties

Thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions but still experienced the same problem. One thing I failed to mention is that I am installing BESR on a VM, the host is a Citrix XenServer could this be the issue? I have not tried this on a VMWare Server guest VM.

Re: cannot retrieve backup job properties

We have very little testing with XenServer, but we do use VMWare with many tests.  I am not aware of any known issues with XenServer.  No know issues with VMWare.
I am a little confused as to the exact issue you are having.  For Installation issues (where previous version have been installed) and Backup issues, do the following two searches. 
Do a search for *.PQJ
Delete all files found
Do a search for *.PQH
Delete all files found
For installation issues, uninstall using Add/Remove Programs.  Then verify 'Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec System Recovery' and 'Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Backup Exec System Recovery' directories  is gone.  Search Registry for 'backup exec system recovery' and delete Keys and Values found. 
For Backup issues, check Disk Management and verify all drives are showing properly.  Remove any phantom drives shown.  If possible, disconnect any unnecessary drives or devices such as firewire or usb.
Rich L

Re: cannot retrieve backup job properties

Hi Rich,
  I am also having a problem creating backup jobs. I have tested both BESR7.0 and 8.0 with the same result ("Cannot retrieve backup job properties."). I have tried all the previously mentioned steps to fix the problem.

Interestingly it only occurs when trying to create a backup to a network location (target and authentication does not matter). I am able to create a job that will backup to another drive in the same machine.

We have over 50 sites that we are looking on pushing out v8 to, so I would like to resolve this problem.



Re: cannot retrieve backup job properties

Here are some suggestions and ideas to review; please let us know of your results.


Error: Cannot retieve backup job properties.

1. Open a command window
2. Type cd\
3. Type cd Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec System Recovery\Shared
4. Type regsvr32 /s EventMonitors.dll NotifyHandler.dll VProAuto.dll VProObj.dll VProProgress.dll VProScheduler.dll